Monday, November 17, 2008

Leave Lieberman Alone!

Sen. Chris Dodd, (D-CT) in defense of Joe Lieberman

Article below is reposted from FireDogLake:

This is it Democrats, the final day for all of us to stand up on behalf of our party and remind our senators of the change we just ordered. Joe Lieberman fought change with every tool in his box. It's time we ratchet up our voice of encouragement.

Here's how.

Join over 30,000 others and sign the Say No to Joe letter, which will be online until Tuesday morning.

Call your senators and call members of the Steering and Outreach Committee listed below:

Debbie Stabenow, Michigan - Chairwoman (202) 224-4822
Harry Reid, Nevada (202) 224-3542
John Kerry, Massachusetts (202) 224-2742
Daniel Inouye, Hawaii (202) 224-3934
Robert Byrd, West Virginia (202) 224-3954
Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts (202) 224-4543
Joe Biden, Delaware (202) 224-5042
Patrick Leahy, Vermont (202) 224-4242
Chris Dodd, Connecticut (202) 224-2823
Tom Harkin, Iowa (202) 224-3254
Max Baucus, Montana (202) 224-2651
Richard Durbin, Illinois (202) 224-2152
Kent Conrad, North Dakota (202) 224-2043
Carl Levin, Michigan (202) 224-6221
Herbert Kohl, Wisconsin (202) 224-5653
Barbara Boxer, California (202) 224-3553
Hillary Clinton, New York (202) 224-4451
Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico (202) 224-5521
Mark Pryor, Arkansas (202) 224-2353

Let the committee members know your letter will be delivered on Tuesday.

Send this information to anyone who wants a party with a touch of integrity behind their promise of change.


Let Joe Stay said...

Looks like Sen. Lieberman is staying! Well, at least according to tomorrow’s Washington Post:

CT Bob said...

Good for you. I hope you enjoy the type of government Joe believes in. You deserve it.

Let Joe Stay said...

Don't be sad. This gives you something to remain angry about! As for me, my blog ends today.

CT Bob said...

I'm not sad or angry; just more resolute in my efforts to get better government. No cause worth fighting for is easily won.