Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Setting the scene

Finally I'm set up at Himes Election Night HQ at the Brewhouse Restaurant in So. Norwalk. The place is a nice brew pub, and the big room is dominated by the giant brewing vat and exposed brick and steel beams. It's a really cool place.

This is the view from the balcony. The press/bloggers area is in the upper right of the photo, under the balcony. That's CT Joyce sitting at the table under the umbrella reflector.

In the foreground is the press riser, with camera crews from News 12, Channel 3, Channel 8, Channel 30, Channel 61. It's still very early, with the campaign crews and press setting up. Pub music is playing (Prince "When Doves Cry" right now) and the mood is reservedly optimistic.

So far I've heard very little of the outside world, except for reports of record turnouts and the fact that Vermont went for Obama and Kentucky(?) went McCain. Something tells me we're not going to hear any news of a landslide for a while.

Anyway, time to treat CT Joyce to a beer. She's been very patient with all my blogging, so she's earned it!

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