Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some minor ballot problems

In Milford (and the rest of the 3rd CD) Rosa DeLauro is listed on both the Democratic line and the Working Families Party line for Congress. This is causing some confusion when people vote.

While Rosa was in Milford, she was informed that a number of ballots are being rejected by the scanning machines because of "over voting", where people voting for Rosa saw her name in two places and filled them both in. Unfortunately, that causes the machine to spit out the ballot and the election moderator has to issue a new ballot.

The moderators have been instructing the voters to fill in only ONE circle for Congress, and that it's up to them whether to vote for Rosa on the Dem line or the WFP line. Problem solved.

In the future it might be good to consider how appearing on two lines might confuse voters.

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