Friday, November 21, 2008

This is why I hope Sarah Palin never goes away

Yesterday, to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, Gov. Sarah Palin visited a turkey abattoir to perform the annual sham of "pardoning" a filthy bird to save it from certain death.

This occurred while other turkeys are having their throats cut and being drained of blood right behind the governor!

The governor babbles cheerfully with the reporter while, not fifteen feet behind her, turkey after turkey are being loaded head down into a metal funnel and a blood-splattered worker cuts their throats, drains them of their blood, and stares creepily at Sarah while she's being interviewed.

This is why I love Sarah "the Snow Flake" Palin and hope she never goes away. She possesses absolutely zero sense of irony. And as her interview with the fake Nicolas Sarkozy tells us, she can be amazingly unflappable even during very uncomfortable moments. The former Miss Wasilla has retained her beauty queen's imperturbable affect, even while struggling with difficult questions like being asked to name a single newspaper she reads regularly. ("I'll get back to ya on that!")

And I think the camera crew deserves major props in setting up that shot. As a videographer I know the importance of taking advantage of a situation. Either the field producer or the reporter noticed the beheadings going on and saw the potential of it, so they said something like, "OK governor, please stand here; the light is perfect for your complexion! Yes, right there please. Let me just move the camera a bit to get the background." When Palin did exactly what they suggested, I'm sure they couldn't believe their luck!

I don't care how professional a video crew may be; when they see an opportunity like that, they all think the same thing:

"10,000,000 hits on Youtube!"


Kate said...

Oh. Wow. I would have missed this classic moment of Palindom. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the possible ways this can be used as a metaphor for her and her ambition.
[The Blogger code word for this post was "palin". Deep encryption has gone away.]

CT Bob said...

Are you serious? "Palin"?

It must be like I thought; they take the content of the comments and filter it down to a code word.

Or else it's a conspiracy!

Of what, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

from a PR standpoint, one might give Palin the benefit of the doubt... but seriously, she might consider her surroundings a bit more before she goes on interviews that millions will end up watching

vagabondblogger said...

I've watched this a million times myself. It's hysterical.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"Everything is great!" as death surrounds her.

Sound like a metaphor for the McCain campaign and the GOP in general.

My codeword was "rombon" IF it really matters.

Bob Symmes said...

How about "Palin-drone"