Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Orman Takes Over Connecticut for Lieberman Party

UPDATE: A good article appears in Editor & Publisher.

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by: BranfordBoy - Wed Jan 03, 2007 at 07:17:30 AM EST

It's official! Fairfield professor John Orman is now the recognized head of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz has certified both Orman and the party's new by laws, which limit party membership to "critics of the Senator and anyone named Lieberman".
"If someone wanted to challenge it, they'd have to go to court," said Ted Bromley, a state elections attorney for Bysiewicz's office. . . .

Bromley said the secretary of the state's office has determined it is not responsible for ruling whether Orman is the party's legitimate chairman. Bromley said Connecticut for Lieberman is a minor party, by virtue of Lieberman's November victory, and the secretary of the state will keep Orman's rules on file.

Orman said he plans to use his position as party chairman to hold Lieberman accountable.

"It's a watchdog, accountability party with a line guaranteed in the next Senate race," Orman said.
Typically, Lieberman ran from press questions about the issue.

(CT Bob: Does this mean that we'll have a line on the ballot next time around? That'd be so cool!)


Anonymous said...

Who cares, what will this accomplish. The proccess that it took to recognize this is a waist of Tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

i suggest renaming it the Moonbats Obsessed with Lieberman Party.

CT Bob said...

"...this is a 'waist' of Tax dollars..."

heh heh ...

Anonymous said...

I call it democracy. No surprise Holy Joe Tortureman sycophants don't like it.

P.S. Noun

S: (n) sycophant, toady, crawler, lackey (a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage)

(Definition included so that said sycophants might have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, and perhaps someday rejoin civilized society.)

gchaucer2 said...

mI think it is brilliant -- although, I couldn't bear to join a party named for someone I loathe. I am certainly willing to contribute time to help achieve its goal of keeping Lieberman's feet to the fire. Payback is sweet.

Anonymous said...

"Does this mean that we'll have a line on the ballot next time around? That'd be so cool!"

The question is whether there will be a ballot line for the State races as well. I happen to know there is a groundswell of grassroots support for running CT Bob on the CFL line against Amann.

On another topic, Bob, you should take it as a compliment that you apparently have a semi-literate LieberStaffer assigned to monitor and comment on your blog. In fact, his or her anonymous comments are foolish enough to have been composed by Dangerstein himself.

Yes, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, you're "hillarious," and although you might be accused of "waisting" tax dollars, I think reading Connecticut Bob is a much better use of LieberStaff time than working to implement misguided and harmful LieberPolicies. I thank you for that small favor.

Anonymous said...


Ct Bob,

I think it is just darling that the dear Dr took over the CFL party, I think we should celebrate this momentous accomplishment for the progressive party.

When are we going to have more great video work from you, the work you did highlightling Schessinger, which allowed the public to view him as another partisan politician--a mirror to Lamont, helped put Lieberman right in the public's eye as the non-partisan choice.

Honest to God man, YOU blew it for us all.

CT Bob said...

Hey, you mispelled "Schlesinger", genius!

I swear, you people probably have to take a spelling test to become "Liebertrolls"...if you pass, they reject you! LOL