Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chris Shays lies about Privatizing Social Security

They don't call him "Both Ways Shays" for nothing!

In a last minute mailer to 4th CD voters, Chris Shays claims he's NEVER been in favor of privatizing Social Security. The truth is, Chris Shays has co-sponsored legislation (H.R. 4839) that would create private accounts, and he spoke out in favor of privatizing Social Security often, as recently as this summer!
In July, Shays said: "I really do believe in private savings accounts. I promoted taking one third of Social Security and making it into a private savings account, and having two-thirds remain in social security."

"... What I do think will happen is if people have a taste in the long run of private savings accounts, that over time, 5, 10, 15, years from now, the American people may have a different position" (Chris Shays, 7/11/08, "Where We Live" on WNPR)
He is pretending to be against it while he's actually FOR it!

So, on one hand we have Chris Shays, who co-sponsored a bill to create investment accounts for the money that is diverted from Social Security in the event of privatization, and on the other hand we have Chris Shays claiming to be a fervent anti-privatization congressman!

Are you going to believe what
"Both Ways" Shays SAYS,
or what he DOES?

("Aaaaah! The Truth! It burns! It BURNS like the SUN! Aaaaaah!")

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