Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More local voting

8:55 - I just got back from taking my dad to vote at Harborside Middle School in downtown Milford. There was no delay at all; it was busy but people were moving. Plus, they had more registration tables and ballot workers than West Shore did earlier this morning.

One thing that seemed a little odd is how once someone is checked in at the registration tables, they walk across an open floor that has people coming and going to get to the ballot tables. Conceivably a person could walk in from the street and blend in with the crowd and then pick up a ballot and vote, without checking in. This would allow them to vote again later with a regular check-in. However, I find this rather unlikely; it's too much work and exposure for an election that, here in Milford, is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

I'll be poll watching at West Shore in about an hour; if you're reading this, please stop by and say Hi!


Anonymous said...

Heavy voting in Bridgeport a Himes Strong hold

Moxie said...

Lines in New Haven where for the last three years I've been one of a handful voting.