Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes Dixville Notch Can!

The tiny little New Hampshire town that's been leading the way in presidential elections for the last ten million years used to be overwhelmingly red. Dixville Notch opened voting at midnight this morning, and soon all the registered voters had cast their ballots.

It appears that Barack Obama and the town's desire for change has turned the village to Democratic blue!

From DailyKos:
Dixville Notch, NH, gives us (per tradition) our first real results of the 2008 election:

Obama: 15
McCain: 6

Good start, huh? Especially considering this little hamlet in the middle of nowhere (pop. 75) is quite Republican:

In 2004:
Bush 19
Kerry 7

Bush 21
Gore 5

Dole 18
Clinton 8

Bush 15
Perot 8
Clinton 2

Bush 34
Dukakis 3

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