Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We voted today!

Our homemade replacement Obama sign. The wire frame is from a sign that had been illegally placed on town land. It's a kind of recycling, where we take other people's trash and make it useful.

The line at 6:15AM at West Shore Rec. Center in Devon (the west shore area of Milford for all you non-local readers). It was about a 10 minute wait, which was previously considered a long time before this election but actually much better than I expected. The precinct staff did an admirable job keeping the voting moving. By 6:30 my ballot was about the 150th vote cast there so far.

Candidate for Jimmy Amann's old seat in the 118th Barbara Lambert greets an anonymous voter (my wife actually) out front.

BTW, we voted NO on Question 1 and YES on Question 2.

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