Monday, November 03, 2008

My schedule tomorrow

I'll start off by voting with my wife around 6:30AM or so. Then I'll go and drive my father to vote a little later. I'll begin posting updates very early.

Around 10:00AM, I'll be doing poll watching duty for Barbara Lambert and "Vote NO on 1" at the West Shore Rec Center in Devon. Rosa DeLauro is supposed to stop by around 11:50AM, so I hope I'll get to interview her.

Lunchtime I'll upload any photos and videos, and then go up to Hamden to pick up some equipment. I'll drive by various voting places and see what's going on.

I'll be down at Himes HQ at the Brewhouse early around 3PM to help set up video lights and the giant flat screen for results. I'll find out what time they open their doors for the victory party. Around 5PM I'll head back home to get Joyce, then we'll come back and settle in for the evening by 6:30.

At 7PM we'll have Kirby online, and the election night live-blogging will begin.

So be sure to stop back here at during the day to see what's happening, then we'll begin full live-blogging around 7:00 until ???


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob do you plan on comming to any Bridgeport precinct and taking pictures so we can see whats going on in the Big city that will decide if Himes win??????? I am pumped up and ready to vote at 6am for Obama Himes Musto

CT Bob said...

Depending on the timing, I will. If I get an extra 20 minutes in there, I'll stop by one of the polling places.