Monday, November 03, 2008

Some stuff going on

Saw this Twitter message from Lamont 2006 campaign Internet Coordinator Tim Tagaris:
"Will be putting out a statement re: my involvement in the apparent "hack" of John McCain's website shortly."

Also, Matt Drudge is as classy as ever. Here's a screen shot from his "news" blog from 5:15PM:

And the juror who fled the Ted Stevens trial claiming her father died was actually attending a horse race. The judge replaced the juror and a verdict was reached, but Stevens' defense team is already asking for a new trial.

BTW, the juror will almost certainly be found in contempt by the judge. They don't enjoy that kind of lying to get out of jury duty. Especially in the middle of a huge trial! Dumb shit.

Finally, here's an awesome ad produced for no money against California's Proposition 8 vote. It can almost equally apply to what the religious fundamentalists would like to see happen with Connecticut's "Question 1".

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