Thursday, May 20, 2010

Been busy lately

The last five days I've been super busy working on a project at a fancy Boston hotel. I'm trying to get ready for the convention and stay on top of the latest news. Fortunately, I'm now finally back home and my boat is going in the water today.

Even though I worked my butt off in Boston, there were some nice things about this job:

Did I mention that all their regular rooms were booked, so they comped me in this huge suite? It was a bit rough, but I managed to survive. Actually, the only problem I had was having to search for anything I set down because the place was so ginormous! But I got to watch ESPN and ESPN2 simultaneously on the TWO giant screen TVs they had. I was in sports heaven!

The Charles River dominates the view from the suite. A few days before the crappy weather rolled in, I got to stroll around Boston Commons and the Copley Square area. I really enjoy Manhattan, but I'm learning to love Boston!

The view at night is even more amazing. It's weird, but I wished I'd had a smoking jacket and a martini while in that suite.

Fact is, I was so exhausted from chasing down network issues the entire time that I crashed early and slept like a log.


Tessa Marquis said...

So did you move a homeless family in for the night?

CT Bob said...

I would have, but I didn't want to be the bad guy to tell them they would have to leave in the morning.