Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lamont opens lead on Foley in poll

On Wednesday Rasmussen published the results of a telephone poll of 500 likely voters in Connecticut, and here's the results:
Ned Lamont (D) 42
Tom Foley (R) 35
Some other 11
Not sure 13
Dan Malloy also has a lead, although slightly smaller, over Foely:
Dan Malloy (D) 38
Tom Foley (R) 35
Some other 11
Not sure 16
Margin of error is 4.5%, putting the two Democratic candidates in a theoretical dead heat over Foley. The last Rasmussen poll, from April 1st, showed Foley with a slight lead over both Lamont and Malloy.

The general consensus among bloggers I've talked with is that Rasmussen slants somewhat conservative, because telephone polls typically are limited to calls to people who own land-line phones. A larger percentage of young people and college-age students only have a cell phone. So for the sake of argument, you can probably figure there's at least a several percent older (and thus more likely conservative) demographic being polled.

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