Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joe Sestak retires Skeletor

See? There IS some good news today!

Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak beat Democrat-come-lately Sen. Arlen Specter for the Senate nomination tonight.

Specter's transparent attempt to preserve his job in the Senate led to him switching parties and turning his back on everything he'd believed in for decades.

Hmmm...does that sound familiar at all, Sen. Lieberman?

Ned Lamont spoke in favor of Joe Sestak's candidacy back in 2009, in this video:

It sure is nice to see a true Democrat win an election in such a volatile political environment!


oldswede said...

Democrats held onto Murtha's old seat in Pennsylvania too. This is a good thing and will take some of wind out of the doom&gloom pundits are predicting for the party in the fall.
Unfortunately, it will also rev up the horse race commentary they love so much.

lakezoarian said...

I had a Sam Adams when I found out... Hooray!, no more "magic bullet"!

Anonymous said...

spector didnt really turn his back on everything he believed in. no one in the senate votes purely republican or democrat, plus he was never considered devoted to every republican or conservative ideal. spector as a democrat isnt a stretch when you look at his career.

Anonymous said...

the sad part about this is that the "true democrat" was relieved of command as an admiral for creating a hostile environment for his troops and generally being incompetent as a leader. He also skipped a ton of votes as a congressman. This is horrible and the Dems will not win the seat in PA now.