Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simmons Out -- Pretty Much

Rob Simmons announced today that he is pretty much out of the campaign. This from the Courant:
Simmons is releasing his campaign staff and curtailing fundraising efforts, but his name will remain on the primary ballot. He did not say whether he would endorse McMahon or vote for her in November.
He seems to want to keep his options open...waiting for McMahon to implode, perhaps? More likely, I would think, would be his resurfacing in the 2nd CD race.

Here is the careful analysis [ahem] of the DSCC:
“We now likely have a race in Connecticut between a crusading attorney general with a long record of delivering for Connecticut families and a wrestling mogul who made her millions peddling violence to kids, hiding widespread steroid abuse, and sending her employees into dangerous situations in exchange for their glory and her profit."
Let the games begin.


Nopartisan said...

It's a non choice. I won't vote for either. One has no qualifications and the other has no honor.

When Blumenthal lied about being in Vietnam and he did, he claimed brotherhood with those who fought and died. His "service" consisted of enlisting in the reserves after 5 deferments. No amount of spin by his party will ever remove the stench of his lies.

CT Bob said...

Lighten up, Francis.

It's not like Blumenthal donned a worn uniform riddled with bullet holes he claimed were caused by a VC ambush outside Da Nang!

He obviously spoke on several occasions of "we" in order to show he identified with the veterans he was addressing. In the longer version of Linda McMahon's video clip, Dick clearly said he served during the war, not in it.

I'm willing to forgive him a few misspoken words when you weigh that against his decades of exemplary public service fighting for the citizens and taxpayers of Connecticut.

Because, in the end, that's the thing that really matters. He'll do much more for us in DC than some loopy wrestling exec who has unlimited funds to win her ego-driven campaign, and will likely end up being a simpleton tool for her GOP masters.

Use your head. Who's going to do more for us in DC...Blumenthal or McMahon?

Nopartisan said...

I said I would not vote for either one. McMahon is a joke politically.

But Blumenthal? He did not "misspeak" on one occasion, there is a pattern of "misspeaking" that anyone can find on line if they do the research. In fact the Milford Mirror has quotes from him at a Memorial parade in Milford in 2007.

His stronger "apology" over the weekend was from fear of what else may surface on tape or in the print record.

Rather interesting also is his pattern of deferments which ended when? Oh yeah when the Government decided to crack down on them. Then he joined the Marine Reserves who stayed state side.

The best commentary on this affair comes from liberal writer Richard Cohen. He explains why it is a big deal using a whole different angle.

I am tired of a compromised candidate being the best choice. To me once exposed as a liar, or leeching of the deeds of others (in this case combat vets) a politician can never be trusted.

CT Bob said...

That's good.

Very helpful of you.

It's wonderful to see someone make an informed decision based not on a candidate's tremendous service and dedication to the people of our state, but because of some ill-conceived words. Terrific. When we have a Republican in the AG's office, you can enjoy the lack of consumer protection and environmental damage we'll almost certainly suffer as a result of GOP policies.

Go ahead and don't vote then. I can imagine how smug you feel with your self-righteous attitude and lofty ideals. I can only dream of reaching the dizzying heights of moral perfection you've obviously achieved.

Alas, I'm stuck down here in reality. It's a simple matter of a scale of absolutes. Lying about someone's military record (if that's indeed what happened, and I'm not convinced yet) is maybe a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Decades of terrific service to the people of Connecticut is a 9 or a 10.

You don't have to be a math wizard to make a decision based on those numbers.

Anonymous said...

As a person of color, it’s not the race card I’m worried about but the black card as in the American Express that the rich candidates in are using to purchase the government of Connecticut. Does it bother anyone that we could potentially have a Senator, Governor, and LT. Governor without a shred of political experience between them? (Linda McMahon, Tom Foley, Lisa Wilson-Foley)
Welcome to CT. politics where the only qualification for high office is money.