Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday convention preview

In about one hour they'll gavel in the second, and likely longest, day in State Convention history.

I'm about ready to leave the Super8 motel just around the corner from the Expo Center, and I'm praying that the wifi problems of yesterday don't reoccur today.

The day will start off with some procedural stuff. Look for some interesting events to develop during the discussion of the Democratic Party Platform, which was supposed to be addressed yesterday but since there were so many changes the decided to postpone it until this morning.

The Lamont-Malloy contest will be the highlight of the day. I've seen varying estimates of the split, with anywhere from 55% to 85% going to Dan Malloy. Ned Lamont has conceded any chance of winning outright, but his goal of reaching the 15% needed to force an August primary is certainly within his reach.

With 1827 voting delegates, the magic number to reach 15% is 275 delegates. That's the number Lamont needs to continue his quest for the governor's seat.

Contested offices also include Lt. Gov., Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Comptroller. All these votes will take time, and we expect to be in session for at least 12 hours today. Good thing I got a solid four hours of sleep last night!

Kirby is planning to arrive onsite right around 8:30, so look for us on the air shortly after. This is gonna be an interesting day all around!


Anonymous said...

Good morning CTBob!

I'm on my way North. Hope there's plenty of coffee!


PS -- great coverage.

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Scoop! See you here.