Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Convention Delegation

Richard Blumenthal, Dan Malloy, Nancy Wyman, George Jepsen, Kevin Lembo, Denise Napier, and Denise Merrill round out the winners of the 2010 State Democratic Convention!

I'm packing out and heading home. It was a great time (except, did I mention the wifi had a couple problems?)

Thanks so much for your energy, Kirby!


Charles said...

Who delivered the Milford delegation to Merrill - you or Barbara Lambert? :)

Merrill came across as a tough broad in her acceptance speech. I don't think she is a very nice person, her tactics were down and dirty. Lies were told and threats were made. For example, the lie was spread that Harris voted against Sustinet. An absurd lie, he helped shepherd that through! That could be Tom Swan's doing, who knows?

CT Bob said...

I dunno anything about what you're saying, Charles, but the support for Denise was universal in our delegation. I don't think anyone needed to work very hard getting us all to agree on her. I certainly didn't feel pressured at all.