Friday, May 21, 2010

Lamont-Glassman Friday night party

The after-convention party for Ned Lamont and Mary Glassman was the place to be Friday night!

During the convention, CT Joyce and I couldn't remember the name "Pig's Eye Pub", so we began referring to the bar as the "Pig Snout Pub" or the "Pig Tail", and finally, we just started referring to it as the "pig party".

It didn't matter what the name of the place was, as when we arrived there was a huge crowd milling around the entrance and the place was packed. There was some awesome food, and plenty to drink, so we happily parked ourselves there for probably longer than anyone with an 8:30 convention call should have.

The view from the upper deck was pure Hartford.

A live band kept the joint jumping!

Mary Glassman with CT Joyce in the crowded bar.

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