Friday, May 28, 2010

Denise Merrill's Acceptance Speech

House Majority Leader Denise Merrill accepts the endorsement of the party at the 2010 Democratic State Convention for Secretary of State.


Anonymous said...

Denise was on fire with this speech. Pretty clear she was and is the best choice for Democrats and Connecticut.

Charles said...

She seems really angry - why? She won, she should be happy. It's ironic that she campaigned on bringing civility back to government but engaged in some pretty egregious arm-twisting on the convention floor. Her people lied about Senator Harris' voting record, saying he voted against Sustinet when in fact he helped shepherd it through. One of her representatives also told a House employee not to bother showing up on Monday unless she switched her vote on the second ballot. Threatening someone's job is unconscionable. Is this the kind of leadership we're looking for?

CT Bob said...

In all fairness Charles, that's just hearsay. It would be political suicide to fire someone because of their vote. Besides, Denise was the odds-on favorite going in; nobody needed to twist arms more than the usual amount (I still have a bit of soreness from that!)

Regardless, it was good to meet you.

Charles said...

It was good to meet you too, you are the consummate gentleman. :)

I did not hear or see the things I described, just caught the scuttlebutt afterwards - from people who should know!