Monday, May 24, 2010

Richard Blumenthal's acceptance speech

I'll try to post all the acceptance speeches from the convention over the next several days.

From Friday night at the State Democratic Convention. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal accepts the endorsement of the party. The roll call vote was stopped by Merrick Alpert, who withdrew his candidacy and endorsed Blumenthal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Great,

Blumenthal wins and accepts. Woohoo.

I want to know why the democrats in this state nominated a nobody with zero name recognition in any other county but Fairfield? Sounds like the old school democrats were in the house and not the progressives who pushed Lamont over the top last go around. Did Lamont piss off the Dem leadership?

Ed Malloy who?

Nominate someone who can win for crying out loud.

I'm seriously thinking about becoming an Independent.

Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing the videos Bob. Oh and I found the oreo cookies..already.

CT Bob said...

Anon, Dan Malloy has been campaigning for governor for six years. All that time he' been building bridges with party insiders and forming alliances. Everyone knew he was gonna with the party endorsement.

Back in 2006 Ned Lamont also got the same 33% at the convention against Lieberman, but he beat him in the primary. So support Lamont to win. He'll definitely do better in the primary than the convention. This will be the year the party "outsider" will win.

Kate, yeah Claire asked me for suggestions on where to hide them!

Kate said...

Ah...well she didn't really try hard..that's where the other set of laundry machines are...