Saturday, May 22, 2010

More convention photos

Gerry Garcia's campaign gets the award for "Best Campaign Shirts" with their tie-died Cherry shirts.

A.G. nominee George Jepsen speaks with reporters.

Nancy Wyman accepts the nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Denise Nappier's acceptance speech for Treasurer.

A victorious Tessa Marquis posed with CT Joyce and Gabe in the media section right after she successfully reintroduced the phrase "sex education" into our party platform, rather than the neutered and ambiguous word "education" intended to represent age appropriate sex education.

In this hysterical GOP-ranting political environment that uses the airwaves to attack all the values Democrats hold sacred, worrying about the Republican's reaction to the phrase "sex education" is both hypocritical and unnecessary. Bravo to Tessa and the committed progressives who worked to overturn the platform change and restore our party's commitment to safe and appropriate sex education.

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