Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Vote No on 1"

Just say it aloud. Repeat often.

Especially when anyone who votes is within earshot.

"Vote No on 1".

If anyone asks why, tell them that the Constitutional Convention will be used by special interests and lobbyists to change the rules and get their narrow objectives passed. We'll be subject to the sort of endless ballot initiatives that have wrecked California's economy.

We need to defeat the question to avoid what is commonly referred to as "the Tyranny of the majority", but is in fact more of a situation in which a small and vocal minority subverts the legislative process through repetitive advertising, robocalls, and fear/scare tactics. The average voter will only have small sound bites to base their decision upon, rather than the weeks or months of reasoned debate and research that our legislators are tasked with performing.

A "No" vote on Question 1 will help avoid "the Tyranny of a minority acting as if in the interests of the majority".

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oldswede said...

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times had an article on how the guys with the really big bucks use the Initiative process to get what they want. See this:,0,5761563.story


Connecticut Man1 said...

Proposition 8 in Cali is a prime example of the fringe using big bucks to subvert the process and waste taxpayers money on ballot initiatives that will, with near certainty, be tossed out as unconstitutional (a waste of tax money and the courts time) if they were to ever make it into law.

A waste of money at every turn. And all for red meat issues aimed at fringe groups by out of state money, more often than not.

Well funded Astroturf groups, like the FIC, are the ones that push these agendas.