Saturday, July 29, 2017

Senate gives Trump another YUUUUUGE loss

Last night I watched as late as I could, seeing as how I had to work today, so I missed the final vote by about 1/2 hour.

I woke up this morning expecting to be all rage-filled and angsty, and I deliberately avoided looking at my phone (I pretty much don't ever turn on the TV anymore) until after I poured Joyce & me a cup of coffee.

Imagine my surprise when Joyce said they defeated the bill, as she'd checked her phone while I was downstairs!

This is a GIANT kick in the balls to Donald J. Trump, but that pales in comparison to the importance of preserving the most vital sections of the ACA.

Today John McCain received a lot of deserved accolades. But let's not forget for even one second the 48 Democrats who stood together against this abomination, and the two Republican senators who fought it from DAY ONE, Sens. Collins and Murkowski.

There was a lot of courage on display last night. Along with 49 examples of the very worst that the American political system has barfed up and put in positions of too much power.

The chickens are coming home to roost. 2018 will see the power dynamic in this nation undergo a dramatic shift. And with it, possibly see the death of the hard-line GOP majority.