Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lamont announces new Covid guidelines

Today new guidelines went into effect that requires anyone traveling to Connecticut from states that are currently seeing a huge increase in Covid-19 cases to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Connecticut is making the most progress in battling this pandemic due in large part to Gov. Ned Lamont's exceptional leadership and also the vast majority of state residents who take this crisis seriously.

A shocking comparison to other states with terrible leadership is Florida and Texas, which have Trump-loving pandemic-denying governors. Both states are currently experiencing a tremendous spike in new cases. The nation as a whole set a record yesterday for new cases.

But Connecticut is doing amazingly well. Stats from two days ago show our state leading the nation in reducing new cases.

The only thing I'd like to see changed with the new requirement is the option for someone coming into the state be tested within 72 hours before arrival and provide a certificate that shows a negative test result before allowing them to stay in a hotel, campground, or AirBnb.

Maine has enacted just such a law, and it seems to be working.

Under Keep Maine Healthy:

The State will allow adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 test from a specimen taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival to forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine. This test indicates that, even when coming from areas with a higher prevalence of the disease than Maine’s, such visitors are unlikely to have COVID-19 and to spread it to Maine residents and other visitors. Individuals may be tested in Maine, but they must quarantine while awaiting the results.

People who are not Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont residents must complete a Certificate of Compliance form indicating they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, that they will quarantine in Maine for 14 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine.
This Certificate of Compliance must be provided to check-in at all Maine lodging, campgrounds, seasonal rentals, and other commercial lodging, such as Airbnb. Visitors may be asked to furnish  proof of the negative test result upon request.

This kind of approach makes a lot of sense and I think our state would benefit from a similar program, rather than simply relying on voluntary self-quarantine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Not Out Of The Woods Just Yet

Latest stats (as of June 16, 2020) for Covid-19 here in Milford and in Connecticut.

Milford still has a very high percentage of fatalities per confirmed or likely case, running at roughly 12.5%. This is likely due to the outbreaks at nursing homes, which have an extraordinarily high death rate. But still...

Connecticut as a state is doing somewhat better, with a fatality rate slightly below 10%. Not great compared to the national average. I haven't figured out the reason for the discrepancy between the national fatality average of (currently) 7.3% and our 10% rate. One sure thing is that a second wave of Covid-19 is starting to burn through the populations of many states that had low rates of infection before now.

But that's nothing compared to the amazing progress so many other countries have made to both prevent the spread of the virus and control the hot spots before they get too big. Obviously the reason for this is the singularly horrible lack of leadership our nation is suffering under. Trump at first ignored the threat, then denied it, then called it a hoax, then claimed we controlled it when we didn't, then claimed he had a miracle drug that would end the threat, then simply lied and claimed the threat is over.

There IS a vaccine for the virus known as Donald J. Trump.

It is voting on November 3rd.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Profile in Cowardice

Last night there were hundreds of protestors gathered around the White House.

Instead of addressing the nation on national TV, our president pissed himself, turned off the lights, and hid in his bunker.

The photo says everything about the character of the man who is supposed to lead our nation.