Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank God for Comedy Central

Without Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, who would give us the info on LIEberman's latest stunt? So appropriate for Halloween.

Colbert -- priceless. "Remember, it's the Connecticut for Lieberman Party"
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Jon (LIEberman starts at 2:40)

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Creepy, I know, but it's true!

Visit Natalie Dee for more weirdly existential comics.

Lieberman sells out the Dems...again

(When was that picture taken, anyway? UPDATE: he apparently grew it while mourning for his mother.)

By now we've all heard about Joe's pledge to join a GOP filibuster to prevent any health care reform package from reaching the floor if it contains a public option. This is what the Democrats get for Obama's misguided "forgive and forget" attitude over Lieberman's repeated betrayals of the party over the last several years.

Hopefully the president and the senate leadership takes this painful lesson to heart.

If nothing else good comes of Joe Lieberman's legacy, it will certainly impact the way Democrats deal with turncoat DINOs for many years to come. This is a lesson sure to bore itself through the thickest Dem skulls like a titanium-plated guinea worm.

The fabulous Maura Keaney wrote a wonderfully acerbic article for the UK Guardian CiF/America (CiF meaning "Comment is Free") online website.
Joe Lieberman has become the Balloon Boy dad of the Senate Democratic caucus, a fame-whore so addicted to media attention that he hatches ever-more-desperate and risky schemes that sell out his "family" to earn press attention.

Progressives can only hope that, like Richard Heene, Lieberman will finally be exposed as a fame-seeking fraudster after his latest stunt, Tuesday's threat to filibuster any bill for healthcare reform that includes a public option.

No one who's been paying attention should be surprised by Lieberman's move, yet the Washington press corps responded as if they'd never heard of the boy who cried wolf. This is Lieberman's schtick, the only act that's ever consistently gotten him ratings...
This is the sort of article that's pure fun to read, and it's loaded with links to various online stories to support her amusingly caustic appraisal of our junior senator.

We look forward to the day when Maura resumes writing regularly on a Connecticut blog. I'm sure there's any number of local blogs that would enthusiastically welcome her creative input (hint hint!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Brother's Keeper?

Once again, it's time for everyone to chill out on health reform. Last week, four people went into a room to talk. One, Chris Dodd, supported a public option, one was against a public option, one wanted anything that would get past the 60 vote filibuster so a bill could be signed, and a fourth couldn't be pinned down. When they walked out, a public option had survived -- a testimony to Sen. Dodd's persistence and negotiating skills. When a group of us met with him last month, he told us that he would be managing the floor debate as well.

Now, as predictable as the leaves falling in Connecticut, Joe LIEberman has thrust himself into the middle of the issue by whining about the public option. He doesn't know if he can support it, he may vote to support a filibuster, he'll say anything he needs to that will put him on the news. He's been out of it lately, and his ego just won't stand for toiling in Connecticut anonymity without a national audience.

For those who want to make Dodd responsible for LIEberman's behavior, I have a couple of questions:
  • Is Dick Durbin responsible for Roland Burris?
  • Is Tom Harkin responsible for Chuck Grassley?
  • Is Claire McCaskill responsible for Kit Bond?
  • Is Jon Tester responsible for Max Baucus?
  • Is Harry Reid responsible for John Ensign?
  • Is Bob Casey responsible for Arlen Specter?
Chris Dodd has his eyes on the big picture. I thought surely the public option was dead, and he's pulled it out. Until events prove otherwise, I'm going to hold my fire and believe "He's got it."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dissent or Disloyalty?

As the national debate for health insurance reform continues to rage, I made a video about the local battle between health reform advocates and their opposition. Featuring Ann Coulter, Rep. Jim Himes, Bishop Emilio Alvarez, and Fmr. Bridgeport City Councilman Keith Rodgerson.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Imagine That! A Newspaper on the Computer!

H/T Neil Best of Newsday who vanishes behind a pay wall tomorrow. Bye, Neil. It was great while it lasted.

Public Option back in Senate Bill

CT Blogger over on MLN discusses the latest senate bill. I'm not crazy about the "opt-out" portion, but it's better than nothing. Besides, I expect that individual states will mostly opt-in under local pressure once the law is implemented:

Finally Congress listens to the majority of Americans who want health care reform WITH a public option.
Majority Leader Harry Reid says health care legislation headed to the Senate floor will include an option for government-run insurance. Reid says states will have the prerogative of opting out of the program if they choose.
Upon the announcement from Senator Reid that the final health care reform bill WILL include a public option, Senator Dodd released the following statement.
"I fought for a strong public option - in the HELP Committee and in this merger process - because it is the best way to keep costs low and insurance companies honest," said Dodd. "Majority Leader Reid has made a bold and right choice to endorse the HELP Committee public option, along with a provision allowing states to opt out. At its core, health care reform is about making insurance more stable and affordable for those who have it, and available to those who don't, while improving quality and lowering costs. I believe that the public option is a key component to successful reform, and I will continue to lead the fight for it on the Senate floor."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey GOP! Who cut Milford's taxes?

Not YOU guys, that's for sure!

Milford's Republican mayor proposed a 6.7% tax INCREASE, and when the Democrats put forward a budget that included the city's first tax DECREASE ever, not a single Republican on the Board of Aldermen voted for it! Fortunately, we hold a majority on the Board.

Here, let me spell it out for you:

Friday, October 23, 2009

NH Register Editorial: Salvatore for Mayor!

Genevieve Salvatore, the Democratic candidate for mayor in Milford, has picked up a valuable endorsement from the New Haven Register.

The editors of the Register have always endorsed Mayor Jim Richetelli in his previous campaigns, so this is a huge bellwether for change here in Milford. The editorial points out the mayor's proposed budget increase of nearly 7% this year, which was only reined in by the outstanding work of the Democratic-majority Board of Aldermen.

Regardless of false Republican claims trying to poach credit for the first tax decrease in Miford City history, not ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN on the Board of Aldermen voted in favor of the budget!

And while local Republicans are trying to use a traditional GOP tactic ("fear") to garner votes, the removal of budgeting for a single police position while TWO additional positions have remained unfilled for months indicates a sincere lack of need, despite Republican claims that the entire City is facing sheer anarchy if we don't have budgeting for three new officers. Keep in mind that EVERY OTHER city department grudgingly accepted budget cuts in the harsh reality of the current economic times we face.

Here in Milford it is the Democrats who are definitely the "Party of Fiscal Responsibility". Think how far we'd go if we actually had a mayor like Genevieve who strongly believes in "zero-based budgeting"!

From the editorial:
"Richetelli saw his proposed budget spending increase this year cut by the Board of Aldermen, producing a tax decrease. While he has complained the board’s cuts hurt public safety, two police positions remain vacant because of a hiring freeze he imposed."
The editors go on to address many other instances of poor or missing leadership. The historic Cadley house was bulldozed, despite the fact that the deed giving the property to the city clearly specified that it should be maintained for historical purposes. Another little bit of our town's rich 370-year history died that day.

The editors also pointed out the mayor's absence without notifying the Chairman of the Board of Aldermen earlier this year, in direct violation of the city charter and leaving us without effective leadership in the event of a public emergency for some days. For a mayor who's campaigning on the idea of "public safety", this is no small irony:
"His unexplained absence in January was a jarring failure of leadership. After he vanished, Milford was left guessing who was in charge at City Hall. Eventually, it was disclosed that Richetelli was in a residential Maryland drug treatment program. He has never revealed the precise nature of his addiction."
I'd like to stress that I and the city's Democrats sincerely wish Mr. Richetelli continued success with his personal struggle.

For these and many other reasons listed in the editorial, the editors of the New Haven Register have concluded thusly:
"Despite our past endorsements, Richetelli’s recent record does not merit our endorsement this year."


"For those disappointed in Richetelli’s performance, Salvatore is a fresh alternative. She is an engaging candidate who has our vote."
I couldn't agree more. Visit for more info.

House Financial Services passes CFPA Act

The House Financial Services Committee, by a 39-29 vote yesterday, has approved H.R.3126, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) Act of 2009. It's a step in the right direction.

Introduced by Committee Chair Barney Frank, D-Mass., H.R.3126 is a pared-down version of the agency originally envisioned and proposed by President Obama. A provision that was heavily scrutinized by bankers, the requirement for "plain vanilla" products, was left out of Frank’s bill.

Another major point of contention in the original CFPA proposal allowed the federal agency to set a regulatory floor, meaning more stringent regulations could be developed on a state-by-state basis. That provision was changed, and H.R.3126, as approved by the committee, would allow the CFPA to overrule state consumer protection laws in special circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.

While Republicans on the committee made every effort to water down the bill, Jim Himes (CT-04) spoke about the importance of passing this bill as originally crafted:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Milford's 3rd District hosts candidate meeting

Residents of Milford 3rd City District (Devon, West Shore) were afforded the opportunity last night to meet and greet their candidates. Shown in the photo above is Mayoral candidate Genevieve Salvatore (left), along with Alderman Suzanne Manning (center) listening to introductory remarks by Democratic Town Committee chairman Rich Smith.

Also in attendance to greet and answer questions from district residents were City Clerk candidate (and 119th Assembly Dist. Rep.) Richard Roy, Alderman Marty Hardiman, Board of Education candidates Jim Quish and Jeff Forte, Planning & Zoning candidate George Gasper, and Constabulary candidate Linda Hardiman. Current P&Z board member Kim Rose was also on hand.

Thanks Kim, Rob, Suzanne, Marty, and everyone who helped with the event.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jim Amann endorses Genevieve

Former House Speaker and 2010 Gubernatorial candidate Jim Amann officially endorsed Genevieve Salvatore for Milford's mayor today. Standing in front of the Devon clock tower, which Amann was instrumental in helping procure for Milford, both he and Genevieve spoke on the issues facing Milford.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lamont endorses challenger to Arlen Specter

Today Ned Lamont traveled to Pennsylvania to give his support to Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07) in his campaign to unseat Arlen Specter. Specter, a longtime Republican who, when he realized he would likely lose the GOP nomination in the primary, became a Democrat out of necessity. Specter even admitted that the reason he changed parties was so he could remain a senator.

Hmmm...who does that remind me of?

While the Obama administration welcomed Specter with open arms, there is increasing skepticism about Specter's ideals and beliefs. This is not shocking at all, given the way Obama and the Democrats welcomed Joe Lieberman back into the party after several years of doing almost everything possible to defeat the Democrats. Vice President Joe Biden, a close friend of Specter's, is working to raise funds for the long time senator.

As an aside, I truly detest the concept of "friends" in politics. An elected representative has only one duty, and that's to do the will of his constituents. If you want a friend, get a dog. You're in DC because we want you to make good laws, not buddy up with people who actively work to undermine the will of the people. Why can't politicians get that through their heads?

Save your friendships for when you go bowling or want to hoist a few beers. But leave it out of politics. This isn't personal, it's business. The business of the American people.

Anyway, Rep. Joe Sestak has a solid resume and a tremendous record of service to our nation. Besides his terms in Congress, he was a career Navy officer and 3-star admiral, and served in the White House, Pentagon, and in operational commands at sea. He is the highest-ranking former military officer ever elected to either branch of Congress. Visit Sestak for Senate to learn more.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Night Music Club X

Due to popular demand (and if you keep encouraging me, I'll likely never stop) here's another shot of NRBQ. A double shot, if you will, from NRBQ's 1979 live radio broadcast from Toad's Place. Introduction by WPLR New Haven's Eddie Wazoo, then "The Music Goes Round and Around" followed by "This Old House".

Ned Lamont endorses Milford's Genevieve Salvatore

At a fundraiser today former Senate candidate Ned Lamont endorsed Milford Democatic mayoral candidate Genevieve Salvatore. State Rep. Richard Roy, currently running for City Clerk, was in attendance, as well as State Sen. Gayle Slossberg.

Friday, October 16, 2009

another nrbq song

Here's another song off the 30-year old cassette tape of the live radio broadcast of NRBQ playing at Toad's Place. "Honey Hush" is another Big Joe Turner classic; you can listen to NRBQ's cover of "Shake Rattle and Roll" from earlier this week.

In this version, Al Anderson sings (or, more accurately shouts) the lyrics. The Whole Wheat Horns are prominently featured, including an amazing solo by Keith Spring, who literally shreds his saxophone hitting a high wailing level that characterizes this song as a live performance favorite. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It was just a frickin' balloon!

So, a child released a small balloon from his backyard today and everyone in the entire civilized world went batshit crazy for several hours.

You know, I think Nena was on to something here:

The heat is on Jim Himes

...although not in the figurative sense.

I just received an email from Congressman Himes with this photo and the following text. It's nice to see he hasn't lost his sense of humor, despite the rigors facing Congress these days.
Dear Friends,

No, this is not me emerging from a Health Care Town Hall.

In fact, I've just stepped out of a shipping container full of raging fire with an air temperature of 1000 degrees. I had the good fortune to join Stamford firefighters this weekend for Fire Ops 101, a program in which they demonstrate their capabilities, and give civilians a chance to see what firefighting is all about. I simply can't describe the feeling of being in superheated close smoky darkness with tongues of flame "flashbacking" over your head. It gave me an up close and personal appreciation for the incredible work our first responders do, and the risks they take as a matter of course.

It made me recommit myself to the work I do on the Committee on Homeland Security.National Preparedness Month ended two weeks ago, but hopefully preparedness is something you think about on a regular basis. If you have not already visited, I hope you will. It's got good basic information on how to prepare for most emergencies and has a section of advice on the flu. I hope you'll take a moment to have a look. And the next time you walk by a policeman, fireman or medic, I hope you'll thank them for what they are prepared to do for you!

All the best,


P.S. Follow me on Twitter to get the most up-to-date information directly from me! Just click here: jahimes

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

By popular demand...

Even though it's not the greatest way to share music, I just uploaded a song to Youtube from the live 1979 appearance of NRBQ at Toad's Place that I recently discussed in excruciating detail here, a terrific cover of "Shake Rattle & Roll", featuring numerous solos showcasing the band's remarkable talents.

Oh, and listen carefully at the beginning for Joey Spampinato to start singing the wrong song, and Al Anderson quickly shushing him. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I just Tweeted this! I figure I'll tweet at least once a month, whether I have any big news or not. But I really don't see the point in all this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chris Dodd, We're Counting on You

Just a quick post to let you know that the Senate Finance Committee just passed the health reform bill with the support of D members and Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine. Chris Dodd told us that he would be managing the floor in the Senate as the bills go forward, so the ball is now in his court. This is a critical step forward, and I am confident in Chris' leadership in the Senate as we go forward.

UPDATE - Senator Dodd's Statement on the vote:
Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) released the following statement today after the Senate Finance Committee approved health care reform legislation by a vote of 14 to 9. Senator Dodd led the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee earlier this summer when it approved the Affordable Health Choices Act. Now, Dodd, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the Obama Administration will merge the two committee’s bills into one bill.

“Today, we are another unprecedented step closer to providing every American with the quality, affordable health care.

“Senator Baucus and the members of the Finance Committee have worked tirelessly to get to this point. Now, we will work with Majority Leader Reid and the Obama Administration to merge the two bills together. Our goal is the same goal that we all set out to achieve months ago – to deliver health care reform that the American people want and need. Reform that cuts costs, protects patient choice, and guarantees access to affordable, quality care for every American.

“I'm committed to getting this done - this year."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Night Music Club IX

They've been called "The World's Greatest Bar Band" for good reason - there's nothing like being in the crowd after NRBQ had just literally ignited the place with their first song of the night and hearing Big Al say, "Awww, the band is HOT!"

You knew then you were in for a rockin' good time!

NRBQ, or the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet, has been playing in and around Connecticut for over 40 years. I remember first seeing them in 1978, the year they released their great album "NRBQ at Yankee Stadium". The cover photo is a great visual gag, showing four tiny figures sitting in a deserted Yankee Stadium.

The most definitive lineup was guitarist Al Anderson, pianist Terry Adams, bassist Joey Spampinato and drummer Tommy Ardolino; the band was often accompanied by the Whole Wheat Horns, with Keith Spring on tenor sax and Donn Adams (Terry's brother) on trombone.

I honestly can't recall how many times I saw the band (probably at least 30 times) but it was usually in one of the many semi-dives that populated the New Haven music scene back in those days before the drinking age was raised from 18 to 21, causing many of them to close (but saving quite a few lives in the process, so I guess it was worth it). The old Arcadia Ballroom was one of my favorite venues to see the band; there was something special about that decrepit beer-soaked hall.

In September 1979, NRBQ appeared at Toad's Place for a show that was simulcast on WPLR 99.1, which I recorded on my cassette deck (with Dolby!) I kept that cassette in my '73 Ford Gran Torino and 85' Mustang for years before storing it in the basement. I must have played it 500 times in my car over the years. A few years ago I found it and transferred the music to my computer with an analog cable, and then burned it to a CD.

The music went from the band playing in the crowded and smokey Toad's Place, over the FM airwaves, into my stereo, onto my tape, into my car for a decade of summers and winters, into a box in my basement for another decade, onto my computer, and finally onto a CD. It still sounds great and it's always been one of my favorites.

Some music is just too damned good to fade away!

nrbq - "I Want You To Feel Good Too"

Limbaugh's wimpy response

Sen. Barbara Boxer responds to the lame commentary about President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize by the infamous, thrice-divorced, Oxycontin-lovin', draft-dodging by reason of a frickin' anal cyst darling of the Conservative crowd, Rush Limbaugh.

Speaking of asses, didn't Glenn Beck rave incoherently in a video some time back about undergoing an operation on his sphincter? Why is it all these conservative blowhards are having so much trouble with their butts? Based on those transcripts from his sexually harassing phone calls to his ex-producer, Bill O'Reilly had better be careful where he puts his "toys"!

(heh heh...if they gave out literary awards for tastelessness, I'm sure I'd win a frickin' Pulitzer for that little rant!)

Via DailyKos:

Boxer's full interview is here.

Friday, October 09, 2009

An unexpected win

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today.

This will probably drive the wingnuts crazy!

(yeah, I know it's a short drive...)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Flash! Missing Testicles Found?

Let's all hope Rachel is right. It's about effing time. Why else did we work so hard to get a super-majority in the Senate? Sign the petition here

Hey, Dems -- start right here -- with Joe LIEberman. Thank you, TParty.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Genghis Conn to retire CTLP?

From Chris Bigelow (aka Genghis Conn), owner and blogger of Connecticut Local Politics, has issued this notice today:
Hi everyone!

Many of you know this already, but I’ve made the decision to step away from writing CTLP. I will continue to write for and edit the site up through this coming Election Day, but after that I’ll step down, and go on into the next chapter of my life.

It wasn’t an easy decision. I do love this site, and I’ve put five years into it. But after a certain point I’ve felt I’m not putting the effort and energy into it that I have in the past, and I’ve realized that I need to step away from the political world for a little while.

It’s been a great five years here, and I’m really proud of everything we’ve done. I never expected the site to do as well as it has, and I’m both grateful for and humbled by all the opportunities it has afforded me.

I am also really hopeful that this site will continue to exist in one form or another after I go. The great community here deserves no less. I’ve already heard some great ideas, and I’m hoping to hear more over the next few weeks.

Thank you all for making this such a great place. And now, back to your regularly scheduled coverage.
Chris has always done an outstanding job running the site. He's successfully walked that fine line of allowing civil discourse to flow while keeping the discussions on topic and reasonably neutral politically.

But blogging is a very consuming activity, and despite developing the thick skin that often accompanies it, there is a point where it simply may become more trouble than it's worth. Chris has suffered ridiculous amounts of harassment by questionable characters from the political sphere. He's been the target of potentially frivolous lawsuits for things he didn't even write! When it becomes necessary to take full personal responsibility for what others write, oftentimes anonymous and cowardly others, it might be time for a respite. I can't blame him.

If Connecticut had awards for bloggers, there's no doubt that Chris Bigelow would have a bunch of them on his mantle piece.

Unless he doesn't have a fireplace. In that case they'd probably just be sitting on a bookshelf or the TV. Well, he could have a flat screen, so that might make it a bit difficult to balance them up there. Those things are made of solid brass probably, if they existed, and if dropped they can easily crush a toe. So for god's sake, be careful! They're not toys, you know. Better to leave them on the bookshelf.

Anyway, this is my way of saying "thanks, Chris". I recommend you go over there and say the same thing.

But leave out the part about the crushed toes.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Keeping watch on you

CNN did a story this week which featured Ken Krayeske and his unlawful arrest at the inauguration parade for Governor Relic a couple years ago. (h/t CT Blogger)

The story describes how many states have what they call a "fusion center", which is sort of an intelligence gathering and distribution clearing house. Since it's located in Connecticut, would it then be called the "Conn-fusion" center?

(yes, I know it was an awful pun...)

I caught up with the suspected terrorist and world-renowned troublemaker soon after his arrest at a public event in Branford, as seen in the video below.

As an aside, I really wish he wouldn't use the phrase "...and I started shooting!" when he discusses what happened. When taken out of context, it brings to mind images of Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley Jr.

Full disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission just enacted new rules regarding the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (PDF) which, among other things, requires bloggers to fully disclose any compensation they receive for their opinions:
The Commission does not believe that all uses of new consumer-generated media to discuss product attributes or consumer experiences should be deemed "endorsements" within the meaning of the Guides. Rather, in analyzing statements made via these new media, the fundamental question is whether, viewed objectively, the relationship between the advertiser and the speaker is such that the speaker’s statement can be considered "sponsored" by the advertiser and therefore an "advertising message."

In other words, in disseminating positive statements about a product or service, is the speaker: (1) acting solely independently, in which case there is no endorsement, or (2) acting on behalf of the advertiser or its agent, such that the speaker’s statement is an "endorsement" that is part of an overall marketing campaign? The facts and circumstances that will determine the answer to this question are extremely varied and cannot be fully enumerated here, but would include: whether the speaker is compensated by the advertiser or its agent; whether the product or service in question was provided for free by the advertiser; the terms of any agreement; the length of the relationship; the previous receipt of products or services from the same or similar advertisers, or the likelihood of future receipt of such products or services; and the value of the items or services received.


Again, the issue is whether the consumer-generated statement can be considered "sponsored."
I like the phrase "consumer-generated media". It sounds remarkably like the term "people-powered media", which I believe was coined by CT Blogger.

Personally, I'd be frickin' thrilled to have to disclose that we receive compensation and/or products and services in exchange for all the artful literary bounty we provide on a regular basis here. Sadly, apart from the occasional generous donations I receive from my valued readers (and which I promptly spend to purchase video supplies that I use in support of this blog), we receive basically nothing for our efforts.

Hell, I don't even allow advertising on this stupid blog. Apparently I'm the world's worst capitalist! WTF is wrong with me? I'm not some kind of half-assed hippie or deluded commie freak. I absolutely LOVE getting money and free stuff! What am I doing wrong here?

So I'm starting a campaign to help the FTC in their efforts to enforce their new disclosure rules by encouraging everyone who reads this blog to give us lots and lots of compensation, free products, and valuable services. Preferably in small, easily spendable denominations.

That way, I can finally disclose that all this frickin' work really pays off!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Local H1N1 Hotline

Apparently there's a nasty little flu bug going around. Local news Channel 8 posted this video that discusses the recently developed intranasal vaccine which will be available here in Connecticut.

I probably can make a joke about pig snouts and the vaccine, but I'm a bit too preoccupied with not wanting to bother.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Niagara Bob

This time around when I was in Buffalo, I managed to scope out the famous falls for about ten minutes or so.

In the frickin' rain.

Because, when it rains at really falls!