Sunday, February 28, 2010

Merrick Alpert speaks at Milford DTC

Democrat for US Senate Merrick Alpert spoke at our DTC meeting on Thursday. Alpert was introduced (as well as all the other speakers that night) by Milford DTC Chairman Rich Smith.

He discussed his background and reasons for running, which includes private sector job creation, clean elections, and changing our approach to the war in Afghanistan. As a former military peacekeeper, Alpert brings a definite sense of authenticity to the subject of our involvement in Afghanistan.

As an aside, I hope you all appreciate just what us video bloggers have to deal with when there isn't a podium to root the candidate in one place. Merrick is an animated speaker, and his pacing around made it necessary for me to pop the camera off the tripod and go hand-held, which led to a bit of shaky camera work for a minute or two.


Special election Tuesday!

(Diary from My Left Nutmeg by Tessa)

Fantastic volunteer turnout - keep 'em coming.

I just spent a few hours at the Stratford Headquarters of the Janice Andersen campaign for State Rep in Stratford's 120th District.

(CTBob: This is an important election, and a Democratic victory will do much to show that we can still win in Connecticut!)

Ned Lamont came to make calls, along with Marc Bradley. State Senator Ed Gomes was on the phones, as well, and Milford State Rep Dick Roy was going door-to-door for Janice. The elite of SEIU and CCAG were there, and people from House Dems. Great spirit, for a Great Candidate.

Janice Andersen

This election is important for a number of reasons, but I wanted to "share" what I just learned from voters.

While people know there is an election on Tuesday, many unaffiliated voters think they can't vote, having confused "Special Election" with "Primary". It is amazing how easily people relinquish their opportunity to vote. It makes it so much easier to blame the elected officials.

In addition, I spoke to someone who admitted she doesn't know what a State Rep does. She is a long-time voter in her 60s.

This, combined with the Fox-Speak we got at the doors of Democrats and Unaffiliated voters a few weeks ago, continues to give me fear in the bones.

As my friend the teacher says "We can Do This, People", but not without a full effort.

From noon on through early evening tomorrow (Sunday) and most of Monday there will be continued door-knocking, lit drops, phone calls to make, data entry, and more.

All Day Tuesday (I am taking the day off work) there will be phone calls and driving people to the polls, as well as standing at the polls and other volunteer needs.

Janice Andersen for State Representative
919 Stratford Avenue
Suite 5/6 Ground Floor
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 202-7734

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dan Malloy speaks at Milford DTC

The other night we had a slew of candidates appear at our monthly meeting of the Democratic Town Committee, and I'll start the videos with former Stamford mayor Dan Malloy.

And, speaking as a video blogger, I appreciate Dan's efforts to make my job easier by showing a little awareness about where he should stand and talk. You'll see in a later video how Merrick Alpert made me have to pull the camera off the tripod and hand-hold it to follow him pacing while talking, resulting in a good minute or two of slightly motion sickness-inducing camera work!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Himes, Murphy predicted winners in November

(Chart from "Sabato's Crystal Ball"; click on image to enlarge)

We know it's early yet, but the predictions below indicate Connecticut Democrats will retain possession of all five seats in the House of Representatives after the November election.

Two Congressmen in contested races, Jim Himes (CT-4) and Chris Murphy (CT-5) are both occupying fairly safe seats, according to the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato in the Crystal Ball. Sabato has both candidates in "Likely Democratic" positions.

Likewise, The Hill's Campaign Blog shows both candidates in the same "Likely D" races.

Both websites use similar ratings systems that range from Likely Democratic, Slightly Democratic, Toss-Up, Slightly Republican, to Likely Republican.

So far no credible candidates haven't materialized in John Larson's 1st CD, Rob Courtney's 2nd CD, and Rosa DeLauro's 3rd CD, so all three seats are considered "safe".

It's good to see both Jim Himes and Chris Murphy are able to withstand the worst efforts of the Tea Partiers to disrupt events and intimidate citizens who come to hear their Congressmen speak. The voters of Connecticut aren't easily swayed by the screaming histrionics of a few disgruntled loud mouths who, while they may make the evening news, don't contribute anything useful to the dialog and will eventually be largely forgotten, except maybe as an amusing historical footnote.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

State GOP to join Bysiewicz eligibility lawsuit

CT Republican Party chair Chris Healy (also known as the "Irish Arm Twister" and "Linda McMahon's Water Carrier") has joined the lawsuit to determine if Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, an attorney for over 20 years, is eligible under state statute to serve as Attorney General.

Healy hired a Hartford lawyer named Eliot B. Gersten, to intervene in the lawsuit.

The suit hinges on whether the intent of the state statute that says an AG must have served at least 10 years in the "active practice" of law is constitutional under the State Constitution, which only states the age and residence requirements to hold the office.

Also, the very definition of "active practice" is sufficiently nebulous to induce all the lawyers involved into giddy reveries filled with dollar signs and bold headlines.

Susan will speak tonight at the Milford DTC (info in link), along with another candidate for Attorney General, former Majority Leader George Jepsen. Also speaking tonight is gubernatorial candidate and Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy. The public is invited, of course.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surprise! The judicial works for terrorists

Yesterday a terror suspect who had been arrested and subject to our criminal justice system pleaded guilty and is expected to draw a life-long jail term.

Najibullah Zazi planned to lead a suicide attack in New York City before he was investigated for purchasing unreasonable amounts of chemicals he intended to make bombs with. He had received training at a terrorist camp in Warziristan.

Hopefully this will shut up some of those hysterical dummies on the Right who claim that allowing terrorists to be tried in American courts will bring about the end of Western Civilization, or something along those lines...I tend to tune out when they screech like banshees at the prospect of due process!

From the Associated Press:
A former airport shuttle driver accused of buying beauty supplies to make bombs for an attack on New York City subways pleaded guilty Monday, admitting he agreed to conduct an al-Qaida-led "martyrdom operation" because of U.S. involvement in his native Afghanistan.
In case any of you think that he got some kind of sweet deal in exchange for his plea, the story goes on to say that he faces a life sentence without possibility of parole. For a guy who hadn't even killed anyone, that's a pretty solid stretch he'll serve!
The Associated Press learned earlier this month that the jailed Zazi had recently volunteered information about the bomb plot in the first step toward a plea deal.
Just think, we got valuable intel from this guy, and he didn't even need to be waterboarded 187 times to provide it! Who knows what sort of resolve he might have dredged up if he was tortured endlessly? Or the quality of any information he would have provided under those circumstances?

Zazi's uncle has also been arrested and has been arraigned on a felony count in secret, which is a clue that he may also be cooperating with authorities. I can only assume he's also not being subjected to torture.

Face it guys, the system does work. Let's get on with the trials.

Capitol Report says Shays out of gov race

Gotta give credit where it's due, and CT Capitol Report appears to have scooped the local media on this story, reposted here:

Tuesday, February, 23, 2010

Former Congressman Christopher Shays will not seek the office of Governor, he told Capitol Report this morning.

"I will not be running for Governor," Shays told Capitol Report. " I would love to be part of the debate. I believe I would win. And I would dearly love to serve and help get our State out of the huge mess it is in. But Betsi and I simply can't make it work financially. After quitting my job to run for Governor and serving four years in office we would be nearly bankrupt, the very problem I would be helping to get the State out of."
OK, I have a few observations here.

BTW, is it OK to use "OK" as a word, or do you think it's better to use the word "okay"? I always wondered about that.

BTW, how do you feel about "BTW"?

(And I wonder why nobody ever takes me seriously.)

So, Chris Shays isn't running for governor. According to Shays, he's a sure bet to win if he did. What politician would say differently, I ask you? But he just can't seem to scrape by with that paltry $150K salary that comes with the office, along with those many juicy perks that come with the office that aren't easy to quantify. Cry me a river, Chris; I'm about 10 minutes from losing my job and the prospects out there aren't too good these days. For reals, bro.

It looks like there's a slight chance he's going to focus on the 4th District Congressional seat currently held by Jim Himes, which he lost in 2008 by a fairly close margin. It's a possibility, anyway.

What I really think he's going to do is run a campaign to raise funds in order to pay off his extraordinary debts from 2008, which apparently number in the hundreds of thousands. The way I understand it, if he runs for the same seat he lost, he can apply any funds he raises to his outstanding debt; whereas if he runs for governor, that would have to be kept separate.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, because this is merely speculation based upon what I've heard during chats with various bloggers, politics junkies, and other ne'er-do-wells who enjoy gossiping during our many extended bullshitting sessions.

Anyway, I'd like to expound further on this topic, but it's 8AM already and I gotta get to an eye doctor appointment this morning, as I need new glasses and I'm hurrying to take advantage of my medical insurance before I lose it.

But I'm lucky; at least I don't have Chris Shays's problems!

Malloy responds to state missing grants

Gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy responded today to Connecticut missing out on TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) funds to the tune of $1.5 billion.

Malloy didn't specify who might be to blame, but he stressed that we need to understand why it happened so we can successfully secure funds in the future. His entire press release is located HERE.

By the way, I really like Dan's campaign website. The spiffy Connecticut-shaped logo based upon the Obama "O" design catches the eye, his news pages have a nice newspapery look to them, and the entire website is attractive and easy to navigate. Nothing cheesy or confusing at all. Well done.

Malloy is scheduled to appear at the Milford Democratic Town Committee this Thursday at 7:30. The public is invited to hear him speak. Details, including a neat tool to provide directions, are located here.

(BTW I think that's me on the left of that photo, holding the camera; I believe it was taken at Dan's last appearance at our DTC.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Healy "conflict" concerns Simmons

Does this appear to be a conflict of interest to you?

According to a story in the Danbury News Times, Republican Senate candidate Rob Simmons says it is when the wife of the chairman of the State Republican Party works for his chief rival.
McMahon's campaign hired Healy's wife, former journalist Suzan Bibisi, last fall to help with campaign communications and travel with her to grassroots events.


Bibisi, according to McMahon's most recent campaign finance report, was paid $6,532 on Nov. 30 and a total of $7,206 in December. Her salary would project to about $120,000 annually.

Bibisi's position is no secret. But some Simmons supporters -- and even the campaign -- have begun questioning the situation, grumbling that Healy's role as unbiased referee in May's nominating convention has been compromised by McMahon's self-funded money machine.
An unnamed person in the Simmons camp goes on to say that they've lost confidence that Chris Healy can remain unbiased when his wife has such a significant financial stake in Linda McMahon staying in the race. Healy admits he asked Simmons if he would be open to running for the congressional seat Simmons lost to Joe Courtney in 2006, which would obviously clear the way for Linda McMahon to have a free shot at the Republican nomination and continue her campaign (and, most likely, Bibisi's employment) through the November election.

I'd like to hear from the many Republicans who read this blog just what they think of this controversy. Is it just a steaming load of horse pucky (sorry to use such extreme language here) or is there real concern about Chris Healy's ability to remain completely impartial when his household may directly benefit to the tune of six figures by the time McMahon's campaign is over?

(...and anyone who uses the lame "well, so-and-so does it, so it's okay," argument will be ceaselessly mocked)

UPDATE: After brazenly stating "...if you can find me one on or off the record who will tell you they’ve had a conversation with me about (changing their support to McMahon in) this race, then I’ll quit", Healy stepped on his dick!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Night Music Club XI

"Squib Cakes" by the incomparable Tower of Power.

Submitted by Lakezoarian in the comments, this is SO good I had to post it.

Has Harry Reid found his 'nads?

I know this will shock you, but I've blogged about Harry Reid's 'nads before. Mostly regarding his apparent lack of them. I'm not necessarily proud of this fact, but it seemed very pertinent at the time.

So here I am once again resorting to this lame, overused metaphor. Hey, I never claimed to be above this sort of common hackery, especially when I'm distracted. Like now, when I'm at this very moment listening to director Kevin Smith's latest "SModcast".

(For the record, I agree that Smith's not "too fat to fly"...)

Anyway, Harry Reid is quoted this morning in The Hill's Blog Briefing Room as admitting he will lead the Senate to use reconciliation to pass health care reform:
Reid said that congressional Democrats would likely opt for a procedural tactic in the Senate allowing the upper chamber to make final changes to its healthcare bill with only a simple majority of senators, instead of the 60 it takes to normally end a filibuster.
Reid is using the same maneuver that Republicans have used in the past to enact legislation, but that isn't stopping them from screaming that this is a "hyperpartisan tactic to ram through a health bill"

Moderate Democrats are hoping to see this legislation "fixed" in the coming weeks:
The majority leader said that while Democrats have a number of options, they would likely use the budget reconciliation process to pass a series of fixes to the first healthcare bill passed by the Senate in November. These changes are needed to secure votes for passage of that original Senate bill in the House.
The House bill contains a public option, which Senate Republicans and some blue dog Democrats oppose for "fiscal reasons" (read: big corporate contributions).

Of course, Reid may possibly add the public option into the reconciliation process, which would make us all agree that Harry's found his 'nads at last!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jodi Rell blows $1 Billion

("Money? What money?")

In what may be the crowning achievement of an outstandingly mediocre career, Gov. Jodi Rell (R) is being accused of squandering the opportunity to get the state well over one billion dollars in various kinds of federal funds.

That's one billion...with a "b"!

Jon Kantrowitz in My Left Nutmeg, the Hartford Courant, and the New London Day all detail the disastrous lack of leadership Jodi Rell has provided the state.

Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont responded to the news with a scathing press release:
"The news today that Connecticut has missed out yet again on hundreds of millions in federal transportation dollars is sadly all too familiar. This is just another example of how we can no longer afford to do business as usual here in Connecticut. We can no longer afford to allow our jobs and infrastructure funding to go to other states simply because they are more aggressive than we are. We need a Governor who will fight for every job and every bit of money for our roads and bridges that we rightly deserve."

"Connecticut is also expected -- due to inaction -- to miss out on $200 million in "Race to the Top" funds to revitalize our schools. Transportation and eduction -- these are the keys to our state's economic future. As Governor, I will roll up my sleeves, work with our leaders in Washington and fight to ensure Connecticut is at the forefront of this century's transportation and education revolutions."
Jodi Rell is right to retire. She wanted to get out before it became too obvious that she simply can't handle the job. Sadly for her, it's bound to attract attention if you leave a gargantuan pile of cash on the table that could have been used to create jobs, improve education, and rebuild our infrastructure.

Maybe now it will become apparent to voters in Connecticut that, other than being a kindly-looking grandmotherly type, she's done nothing to deserve her ridiculously over-inflated approval ratings. I fervently hope the Q-Poll includes this in their next survey:
"Do you approve of Gov. Rell missing out on over one billion dollars in federal funds?"
I'd hazard to guess we'll have seen the last of Rell's positive approval ratings.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A chat with Jim Himes

On yet another New Englandy snowy evening recently, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) spent an hour or so to meet with bloggers to discuss current issues.

Several of those in attendance wrote up their observations, and because I arrived late, I missed the majority of the health care reform discussion. Here's a couple of links (each with video goodness) to those who discussed the talk:
ConnecticutMan1 shot video for the on-the-record chat, and posted them, along with his write-up, at E Pluribus Media, and he posted an amusing story about Rep. Anthony Weiner at MyLeftNutmeg.

Jon Kantrowitz wrote up a second-hand account at CT Political Reporter
I was interested and pleasantly surprised to hear what Jim had to say about the deal making in the Senate that lead to those awful deals with Blue Dog Democrats in order to get a compromised health care bill passed:

And Saramerica brought up the I/P letter, which many Congressmen signed asking for relief and humanitarian aid for the Palestinian civilians in Gaza:

Many thanks to ConnecticutMan1 at E Pluribus Media for the video, and we're all grateful, even if he does say "oot" for the word "out"!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lamont's announcement speech

“My name is Ned Lamont, and I’m running for governor of the great state of Connecticut”

In the midst of yet another New England snowstorm, Ned Lamont announced his candidacy for governor at the Old State House on Tuesday. Lamont spoke with enthusiasm and energy, and clearly he focused on solutions to the economic problems facing Connecticut.

Here’s the entire video of his speech, in which he stressed that the key to Connecticut’s future is growing jobs and creating an economic climate that expands business. Watch for Ned’s humorous nod to Sarah Palin’s use of a “cheat sheet”!

(video from CT-N (Connecticut Network) via CT Blogger)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blueprint for Democrats going forward

Today is the one year anniversary of President Obama's signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and regardless of your political leanings, there's little question that the Act helped slow the economic free fall we were experiencing at this time last year.

Rachel Maddow commented several nights ago on the growing hypocrisy of legislators who, having voted against the bill, now are trying to take full credit for the benefits their constituents are enjoying as a result. Many hypocritical Congressmen and Senators are lining up to say "Look what I brung you!" when launching projects that are putting people back to work in their districts as a direct result of Stimulus funds. Those very same funds they voted against bringing to their constituents!

The video has Maddow reading a list of legislator's names, saying after each one they "trashed the stimulus, voted no, and then praised..." the many merits the stimulus brought to their own districts. Claiming, as it were, credit for the funds. The entire video is HERE, and it's worth a watch to see the hypocrisy involved.

Well, Maddow followed it up with this video, where she discussed what the Democrats need to do in order to survive in November. Basically, she says the Dems need to 1) get good candidates to fill open seats, 2) they need to pass health reform, and 3) they need to embarrass Republicans on their hypocrisy!

The fact is, despite GOP histrionics and political games, the Stimulus worked! It accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do, and the Republicans are scared shitless that they'll be called out for their hypocrisy.

Let's just hope the Democrats make it so.

UPDATE: There's a new report over at Think Progress (link) that details the efforts of 110 Republican douchebags trying to take credit for the success of the Democratic Stimulus package that they voted AGAINST!

Is anyone out there in the somnolent Mainstream Media paying attention? Wake the fuck up, morons!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lamont: Going on offense

(photo from 2006 campaign)

This morning Ned Lamont made it official with his announcement that he is running for Governor, during a speech at the Old State House in Hartford on a snowy New England morning.

I would have enjoyed being there, but sadly there was the matter of several driveways that needed clearing this morning. By the time I'd finished, Ned had already announced his candidacy.

In his speech, Lamont used football analogies when he alluded to the "defensive crouch" Connecticut has been in for the last 20 years, and he promised to take our state on the offensive:
I see many friends here today who were right here with me in 2006. We stood up and challenged the political establishment, challenged the conventional wisdom -- and we made a difference.

Yes, we have a fiscal crisis in this state, but more importantly, we have a crisis of confidence that requires we stand up again.

Stand up to the business as usual crowd. Stand up to the pessimists, who believe Connecticut’s best days are behind us.

Stand up for a Connecticut that gets out of its defensive crouch, a Connecticut that gets back on offense, invests in our future, expands businesses, creates jobs and puts people back to work.

Connecticut will be a state that works for all of our families.

So let’s get Connecticut going again; let’s get Connecticut growing again.

No more exploring -- I am running to be Governor of the great state of Connecticut.

We will make a difference, we will win -- and Connecticut will start winning again!
Lamont also discussed ways to improve the business climate in our state, by stressing the importance of using the knowledge of proven business leaders in key positions in government:
Hire real executives to manage our departments -- from in or out of government, Republican or Democrat -- hire the best.
The text from his entire speech is viewable HERE, and be sure to visit for more information.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea Party convention video

Good for a laugh, these silly people.

But we absolutely need to take them seriously. They actually believe this nonsense, and they clearly demonstrate exactly why corporate organizers like FoxNews, talk radio, and FreedomWorks are successful at stirring up anti-administration feelings.

No wonder they love Sarah Palin. The corporate blueprint for this "movement" is to first agitate their target audience with half-truths and baldfaced lies, then give them someone in an attractive package who speaks directly to their fears.

As a strategy, it works amazingly well.

At least with them.

Video by the brave souls at NewLeftMedia. This is how you make an entertaining and effective video. They're so talented it annoys me!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Games begin!

(American skier Lindsey Vonn will compete despite a painfully bruised shin)

After a spectacular opening ceremony last night, the 2010 Olympic Games begin today in Vancouver, BC.

As much as I dislike network television and their endless commercials, I'm going to watch a butt-load of TV over the next 16 days. It's going to be fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lamont to announce his run on Tuesday

(Lamont at the 2006 State Democratic Convention)

According to WTNH's, Ned Lamont will formally announce his candidacy for governor on Tuesday at the Old State House in Hartford.

Lamont formed an exploratory committee for Governor right after the November election, and his announcement of his candidacy was anticipated any day now. To contribute and to stay informed on his campaign, please visit

(h/t Kirby)

Rick Green castigates McMahon for Eugene

(Look! The "E" is backwards! Because he's stupid! Get it?)

Rick Green from the Hartford Courant describes Senate candidate Linda McMahon's un-ironic use of a developmentally challenged wrestling character named "Eugene" in her WWE ring plays:
McMahon the Senate candidate is all about a better future. Eugene is the pathetic wrestler from an old WWE story line. He gets mocked, beaten up and stuffed in a toilet, and generates loads of laughs.
So where the hell is that loopy big-mouth Sarah Palin on this issue? Does Palin think it's okay for McMahon to humiliate and beat up a "developmentally challenged" character, as long as you don't call him a "retard"?

Or maybe this is just another example of that famously witty GOP "satire" we've heard so much about lately! Maybe Linda McMahon is using Eugene to demonstrate the idiocy of the left! Yeah, that's the ticket! Every time Eugene's head is stuffed in a toilet, a Tea Bagger gets his wings!

McMahon goes on with her unapologetic attempt to defend herself about her choice of characters:
"There was never any intent of WWE to make fun of anyone who is developmentally challenged in any way," McMahon told me. "It was to show how you can rise above your circumstances. He always had this quality of believing he could be anything he wanted to be. It's a soap opera. It's all a matter of taste."
Ah, it's just a matter of taste! I guess I just don't have a taste for seeing "retards" getting beaten up.

McMahon's pathetic attempt to trivialize this and many other examples of WWE depravity won't fly with most voters. Connecticut voters tend to see through obvious bullshit like McMahon's. And we'll probably see a lot more of Eugene in political ads this year.

To say nothing of having slutty stripper-looking ladies putting on lesbian sex shows in front of children at a typical WWE "family" event (note: this video isn't suitable for kids; which I'm sure is more of a warning than Linda gave the parents attending her events with children in tow):

Yup, that's some great "family values" Linda is peddling there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Storm "Kohoutek"

(UPDATE: Here's an example of parallel thinking from Ben Devol at

Those of you my age or older might remember all the hype about something that ended up being a big dud called "Kohoutec" back in the early 70s. Otherwise, you can Google it.

As blizzards go, "Winter Storm Barbara" was pretty much a bust. Did it really need a name? Silly idea. Unless we're gonna get in the habit of naming every individual flurry or downpour. Which will probably become too confusing to keep track of them all. So it's a bad idea.

At least Meteorologist Geoff Fox at WTNH-8 took responsibility for his mistake and 'fessed up. His mea culpa is especially noteworthy during a time when so few of our politicians, leaders, authority figures, and yes, even pundits seem immune to the possibility of ever admitting when they fuck something up.

Bravo to Geoff Fox for being a real mensch. (h/t to CT Blogger for the video)

How refreshing would it be for an elected official to just stand up once in a while and say "This is my responsibility. I asked you to trust me, and I screwed up. I apologize for that."

Nah, it probably won't happen... least not any time before Comet Kohoutek returns!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amann to end campaign for governor

Per WTNH-8's website:
Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) – Reliable sources tell News Channel 8 that former Speaker of the House Jim Amann of Milford will formally end his campaign for Governor tomorrow in an announcement at the Hall of Flags at the State Capitol.

Amann was the first to declare his intentions and surprised everyone by giving up the speakership to run.

His campaign has sputtered with funding and staffing issues.
I'll update with more information as it comes in.

UPDATE: I received an email Monday that went out to Jim Amann's e-list that advised his volunteers to take the entire President's Day weekend off to enjoy it with their families, and it also contained this line:
"We will resume volunteer duties on Saturday, February 20th unless otherwise notified."
It didn't quite register at the time, but in retrospect, it seems like a hint of what may occur tomorrow.
(h/t Tessa)

Lamont favored in Gov poll

The Democrats lead the Republicans for Governor in the latest Rasmussen poll. The poll was taken of 500 Likely Voters. conducted February 1, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports.

Ned Lamont is favored over GOP candidates by the largest margin:
Ned Lamont (D) 40%
Michael Fedele (R) 33%
Some other candidate 8%
Not sure 18%

Ned Lamont (D) 40%
Thomas Foley (R) 37%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 14%

Stamford mayor Dan Malloy also leads any Republican, but by a smaller margin and is within the margin of error of 4.5%. He still trends better than the GOP candidates:

Dan Malloy (D) 37%
Thomas Foley (R) 36%
Some other candidate 10%
Not sure 18%

Dan Malloy (D) 36%
Michael Fedele (R) 35%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 21%
And this is just an opinion, but it often appears to me that Rasmussen seems to trend more GOP than other high profile polls, so having the Democrats in front by even a tiny margin in a Rasmussen poll is encouraging.

Of course, any poll at this stage of the game has to be consumed with a molecule of sodium chloride (yup, I got an "A" on my senior year Chemistry final at Milford High, Class of '77)

But even so, we're encouraged to see the Democrats trending so well when going for a seat that's been occupied by a GOP butt for the last two decades! (yup, I got an "F" on my English Composition final, etc. etc.)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Who Dat?

(New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter (22) intercepts the ball for a 74-yard touchdown)

New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl! Great game last night. It looked like Payton Manning and the Colts were well on their way to another Super Bowl win, but then the Saints came marching back!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Red meat for the Teabaggers

"Sarah Barracuda" (aka "Sarah Palin", aka "VP Loser", aka "That Big-Mouthed Quitter from Alaska") gave an assembly of roughly 600 Tea Party "Patriots" (along with a significant number of racists and felons) exactly what they wanted: talk of "revolution"!
"I believe in this movement ... America is ready for another revolution," said Palin (via UK Telegraph)
Funny how all these people were totally gung-ho over GW Bush's toxic and wasteful policies, but when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office, they can't wait to overthrow the government! Don't they realize that when they criticize the President they're emboldening our nation's enemies? At least, that's what Sen. Lieberman thought in regard to Bush.

Palin, who was well-compensated for her speech (something along the lines of $100,000 has been reported) also gave these "Tea Party Terrorists" what they wanted (because, if you want to overthrow our nation's government, by definition you're a "terrorist") with her silly folksy rhetoric:
"How's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you?" she asked
Obviously, twelve months was more than enough time to work out all the problems that Bush left us, especially considering we are blessed with such an agreeable GOP caucus in the Senate which supports every single one of President Obama's policies. Right?

Let's face it: the Republicans have worked much harder to obstruct any useful initiatives than they have to actually solve any problems. They don't want our nation to realize ANY success while the Democrats are in power. Your personal suffering only encourages them to continue blocking everything they can, as they seem to think it will benefit them with the votes they covet so dearly.

Rush Limbaugh really nailed it when he said he wanted to see President Obama "fail". He inadvertently revealed the secret GOP agenda for America, and most Tea Baggers are too stupid to see it. Limbaugh WANTS our nation to suffer as much as it takes to put the GOP back in power!
“They own this now, and voters are going to hold them accountable,” Palin said in her speech.
Hopefully the voters will be smart enough to see through this obvious agenda of GOP obstructionism and delay, and hold THEM accountable in the fall elections.

Meanwhile, more and more mainstream Republicans are finding Palin's rhetoric shrill and transparent. More than one has complained that Palin is simply cashing in on the desires of the Republican party by stirring up anti-administration feelings. John Feehery, who advised former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, has some thoughts about the "Saracudda" phenomenon:
“She has attained rock star status,” he said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean she has a great voice, but she has attained celebrity. For a lot of folks she is off-key. But for her supporters, she’s the best thing since Elvis.”

Feehery said he is skeptical Palin will run for president.

“What she is doing, frankly, I think, is trying to make some money,” he said.
And let's not forget that this patriotic little lady received a not-insignificant $1.25 million advance to write her memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

Apparently, it pays quite well to be a famous loser and quitter!


Well, I didn't have to wait very long for a suitably horrific photo of Palin to make the rounds. This one is from the AP, and I'm tempted to run a caption contest on it, but I just know you sick puppies would get carried away!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Like a bad penny

"I want it understood: My days of running for public office are over!" Shays said.
Chris Shays in the Hartford Courant, Nov 5, 2008

Shays and his wife sold their home in Bridgeport last fall and moved to Maryland to be close to their jobs, but Wednesday he said they are looking for a house back in Connecticut. “I was always going to buy a place here. That was a given,” he said, whether or not he got into the gubernatorial race.
Chris Shays in the New Haven Register, Feb 5, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Himes signs letter to end Gaza blockade

(devastation in Gaza; article reposted
from My Left Nutmeg - by Jon Kantrowitz)

Jim Himes (CT-04) was the only member of Congress from Connecticut to sign a letter calling on the United States to press for the lifting of the blockades imposed by Israel and Egypt on Gaza.

The Jewish Daily Forward has the story:
The congressional letter, sent to the White House on January 21, expressed deep sympathy with the residents of southern Israel who were under rocket attacks from Gaza and stated that Israel's siege on the region was imposed "out of a legitimate and keenly felt fear" of terrorism. But it calls on the president to "press for immediate relief for the citizens of Gaza" via a list of measures that include allowing movement into Gaza and out of it, and by enabling citizens to gain access to food, building materials, fuel and other products that are now restricted...

Jewish groups from the left, including J Street, Americans for Peace Now and Rabbis for Human Rights, supported the letter with J Street actively lobbying members of Congress to sign it. The initiative also was backed by Arab and Christian Middle East advocacy organizations.
It was the right thing to do, and let's hope the moral courage Jim Himes has displayed here isn't a passing illusion.

CT Bob: While there is likely to be strong opposition from the White House and many in Congress, the only way to build a lasting peace will be by providing an opportunity for the shattered area to rebuild and give hope to the residents. It's a matter of simple human dignity. Israel and the United States shouldn't punish the innocent civilians in Gaza because we don't agree with the party in power.

Ed Schultz discusses clinic

Nicole Lamoureux (National director of Association of Free Clinics) and Registered Nurse Patricia Carroll talk about yesterday's free health care clinic.

And Ed Schultz talks about the free clinics and has some harsh words for our junior senator (around the 7:00 mark)

(h/t CT Blogger and Scarce)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Local Nurse at the Free Health Care Clinic

Pat Carroll appeared just moments ago on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" to discuss the free health care clinic being held at the Connecticut Convention Center today. Pat is a registered nurse and has volunteered her services to the event.
The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC) is the only nonprofit 501c(3) (ID#56-2273242) organization whose mission is solely focused on the issues and needs of the more than 1,200 free clinics and the people they serve in the United States.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., the NAFC is an effective advocate for the issues and concerns of free clinics, their volunteer workforce of doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, technicians and other health care professionals, and the patients served by free clinics in communities throughout the nation.
Visit the NAFC website to learn more and to donate to a very good cause.

Something messed up the audio when I DVR'd the interview, so I don't have the video of Pat's interview. When it becomes available, I'll try to post it immediately.

Health Clinic Update

Today, Feb 3, Ed Schultz will be at our free clinic all day in Hartford! You can listen to his radio show via live stream here from 12noon - 3p (I usually listen to the Chicago affiliate -- they provide a great stream). He will also being doing updates all day for MSNBC, and will do his 6pm The Ed Show live from Hartford. The TV show will be archived on his show site.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Simmons wets his pants!

Senate candidate Rob Simmons has metaphorically wet himself with this somewhat hysterical (on several levels) press release:
For months, I have warned about the possibility that Connecticut could be identified as an alternative venue for the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
Yikes! You mean an accused murderer might actually be held accountable for his alleged crimes? Yes, that would be terrible! (sarcasm, in case you couldn't figure it out)
Today's report confirming that the White House is considering such a move should be extremely troubling to Connecticut's political leadership. As New York finally realized, the costs and security risks that come with such a trial are enormous, and Connecticut is in no position to assume them any more than Manhattan.
Of course Mr. Simmons leaves out the little fact that the US Government is going to pay for security, and the trial will likely bring much needed economic benefits to our state.
KSM is responsible for the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans in an act of war against our country. He should be tried in an offshore military tribunal where he belongs.
Uh, ignoring the silly "KSM" thing for a second (why does it bring the image of fried chicken in a bucket to mind?), the reason President Obama wants to move the trial onto US soil is so we can FINALLY get around to delivering the justice to Mohammed that has thus far eluded him and the mourning families of the 9/11 victims! If military tribunals are so goddamned swell, how come they haven't already convicted the guy?

Because there is obviously some kind of problem with the tribunal system. There are hundreds of enemy combatants being held indefinitely at Gitmo for the simple reason that the military doesn't want anything to DO with holding tribunals, which may expose them for mistakes they might have made.

And here we are, going into our ninth year after the terrorist attack, why is it at all surprising that a Republican goes back to the well once again and serves up a nice bucket-full of fear to the citizens?

Even Rudy Giuliani was for domestic trials before he was against them. What changed?

Obviously, the answer is "the party of the President". With that little development, we've suddenly seen the Republicans go from a gung-ho, anti-terrist, hang-em-high, frontier-style lynch mob to a bunch of scared, weak-willed, lily-livered, pants-wetting crybabies!

Hell, I'll be thrilled about finally getting some justice for 9/11. If they decided to hold the trial right here in the Milford Superior Court, I'd get in line each morning at 2AM to try and get a seat in the courtroom! I'm sure there will be a lot of empty chairs available that would have gone to Republicans, if they weren't so busy hiding under their beds!

The entire text of the press release is here.

Nice going, Rob. You're really lowering the bar for your party.

You know what else he's scared of?

Candidates speak at Milford DTC

Several other constitutional candidates were in town last week, joining Ned Lamont in speaking with our Democratic Town Committee. The candidates all did a great job addressing the issues and offering real solutions to the problems.

Kevin Lembo: candidate for Lieutenant Governor (thank god for spell-check; I never get "lieutenant" right on my own!). Kevin is the State of Connecticut Health Care Advocate, and his advocacy website is

Cam Staples: Rep. from the 96th Assembly District, is running for Attorney General. His House webpage is

Gerry Garcia: Former Alderman from New Haven, is pursuing the Secretary of State's office, and his campaign website is

Monday, February 01, 2010

Free Clinic Wednesday

The National Association of Free Clinics is running a free health care clinic in Hartford on Wednesday, Feb 3 from noon to 7pm. All shifts for non-licensed volunteers are full -- thank you all who signed up! Health providers are still needed from 3pm to 8pm.

If you need care, call for an appointment at 877-233-5159. You must be uninsured to be seen at this clinic. Walk-in patients will be seen on a limited basis.

 I will be there all day as long as there are patients that need care. I'll give you a report on Thursday.