Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kerri Rowland announces strong support

Press release from Kerri Rowland's campaign:

Kerri Rowland For Mayor Committee shows strong early support

MILFORD – Alderwoman Kerri Rowland (D-4) today released her fundraising numbers for the first period of her campaign for Mayor of Milford, showing receipts of $21,515.30. The period, the first of her newly formed committee for election covers April 10 through June 30, 2007.

“I am extremely pleased with the early support so many in our community have shown by donating to my campaign.” Kerri Rowland said. “I am so grateful to all the city leaders, the teachers, small business owners, realtors, retired citizens and others who believe in my campaign and who have joined with me in embracing the challenge of making this great city even better.”

Kerri Rowland, who announced her candidacy on May 10th, has made her priorities stopping the year-after-year tax increase, property tax relief for seniors and veterans, investing in our schools and protecting our children, implementing effective long-term planning and investment, and making public safety a priority again.

“Though I am proud of our fundraising abilities thus far, I am much more encouraged by the response I am getting at the doors and on the street when I am speaking with voters face-to-face.” Kerri Rowland continued, “The strength of our numbers and what I am hearing from voters and community leaders makes one thing perfectly clear – the people of Milford are looking for new and creative leadership and will not settle for the status quo.”

Facing an entrenched incumbent is always challenging, but the Kerri Rowland for Mayor Campaign will not cede any ground on fundraising, is mounting a strong door-to-door and grassroots campaign and has already received wide and active community support.

Residents are strongly urged to go to www.kerrirowland.com to make a contribution, for campaign updates, events, and other valuable information.

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