Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malloy turns to Plan B

Plan B for Gov. Malloy includes layoff notices for 6,000 state workers and additional cuts in services of over $700 million. That is, should the state union leaders fail in their attempts to get a re-vote on the budget deal that was struck down last week.

In response to the concession defeat, union leaders for SEBAC and SEIU said they may consider changing union bylaws. The rules as they stand require 80% of the union members to support a deal like the one proposed, making it very difficult to pass. Disinformation and scare tactics by partisan organizations such as the Yankee Institute helped sway union members to reject the proposal.

Many Democratic legislators who have long supported the unions feel somewhat betrayed by the rejection. The defeat stung many long time union supporters.

On Monday, union leaders announced a delay in accepting the results of the voting, most likely to give Gov. Malloy time to issue the layoff notices. After the notices go out, thousands of union workers facing a loss of jobs will likely put a lot of pressure on fellow union members to support a re-vote, and enacting a change of rules to allow the vote.

It's a long shot to be sure, but beyond that there isn't much room for maneuvering for Malloy. He always promised to balance the budget, and everyone knew he'd have to make some hard decisions. Rather than play it safe and put it off for yet another two years, Malloy stood firm to his word and is doing what he needs to balance our budget.

If the unions can't live with the consequences of being totally unwilling to compromise, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. (great, now I'm hungry...I wonder if we have any cookies?)

The state legislature will meet in special session on Thursday to discuss the remaining $700 million in cuts that need to be made. The governor has the authority to issue the layoffs without any agreement needed from the legislature. It's a done deal at this point, and by next week there will be 6,000 people finding out they will lose their jobs.

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