Monday, November 07, 2011

Voting gives us all a voice

...and, at least on this blog, a little cheesecake too!

Damn, but do I love voting!


JTHM said...

I actually quit voting for Presidents, it has become a useless exercise in Connecticut if you don't subscribe to the Dems.

CT Bob said...

Did you vote yesterday? No presidents were running. Looks like the Dems swept a lot of local elections.

JTHM said...

Yeh, I always vote local.
And yes, the Cities (which are now the only ones that count) of course went to the ones that promise them everyone elses money to them.
I was told that a Republic Democracy was the only true system of Majority rule. Welp, to be true to fact when the majority don't pay taxes (ok 47%) why would they vote cut their EBT cards? Common sense will tell you otherwise.
The Republicans are idiots, they abolished Slavery, they were the reason the civil rights and voting rights acts passed and they are the only reason that Truman could get the intergrated military and yet they lost the Black vote...that is simply incompentent.

Bob, enjoy your victory, you work for it, you deserve it.

CT Bob said...

I'm pleased about the win, but truthfully I really didn't do very much this election cycle other than to record and produce a last-minute radio ad that ran on WPLR and WICC the final days of the campaign. The people who worked in the campaign are the ones who deserve the kudos. They worked their asses off this year and it really paid off.

Regarding the Republican party's loss of the black vote, you have to understand that the GOP of today only remotely resembles the party of the past. Hell, Reagan's GOP looks almost entirely different from today's party, and that was from less than three decades ago!

If St. Ronnie ran for President today, he'd be attacked by everyone in the party as being too moderate! This is what you guys neglect to consider. It ain't your daddy's GOP anymore!

Tessa Marquis said...

Mike Brown remarked during a camera scan of a Republican debate that Richard Nixon would be aghast at the performances of supposed legitimate candidates for the Presidency.

Long sentence, I know, but I didn't think it was just plain lazy to write "Tricky Dick wuduv bn gobsmacked 2 c 2011 GOP"