Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Woman of the (New) Year!

Washington state governor Christine Gregoire has promised to sign the landmark legislation passed by the state senate which will legalize same-sex marriage. 2012 is just over a month old, and here is a person who is making a definite difference already!

Many states have passed laws defining what constitutes marriage, with too many red states making it absolutely verboten between anyone but a man and a woman. The old "defense of marriage" arguments simply doesn't hold water unless those same states really wanted to protect the sanctity of marriage, and that would only be possible if they passed a law that banned divorce!

But the defense of marriage argument is simply something bigoted people use to discriminate against gay people. They don't want gay people to have the same rights as themselves, but rather than embrace their bigotry and openly admit it, they hide behind a veil of religion and self-righteousness.

Meanwhile, pro-Christian conservatives like Newt Gingrich are usually on their second, or third, or even fourth wives. That's not being "pro-marriage" at all...unless you're measuring marriage on a yardstick of how many of them a guy can afford!

Read more in this NY Times article.

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lakezoarian said...

That's a nice change from their "Lowry days."