Saturday, October 20, 2012

NY Times endorses Chris Murphy

The New York Times today released their endorsement for senate in Connecticut, and it's Chris Murphy.

Despite Republican candidate and wrestling billionaire Linda McMahon carpet bombing the state with an endless stream of negative TV and radio ads, the Times points out that as CT-05 congressman, Murphy is a fine representative of the people.

From the NY Times:
Mr. Murphy, a thoughtful and productive public servant, spent nearly six solid years in Congress, with an almost perfect voting record. He was a strong voice for ending the war in Iraq and worked diligently on the committee that helped draft the health care reforms. He also helps run a bipartisan group in the House, the Center Aisle Caucus, that tries to find common ground between the two parties.

Meanwhile, Linda's record of public service is summed up in the 21-second clip:

Need I say more?


Terry Cowgill said...

Wow, big surprise there, The NYT endorses non-Dems about once every five years.

vagabondblogger said...

Thank god! I've been back for half a month & her ads are relentless!

CT Bob said...

I simply won't watch TV other than football for the next two weeks! Thankfully, I'm able to watch the latest Downton Abbey episodes direct from England!