Thursday, March 07, 2013

Is is wrong that I find this amusing?

(click to enlarge, if you want)

I am a big Bill Clinton fan.

Sure, there's a few things he did that I'm not crazy about...

Like repealing Glass–Steagall, which precipitated the gigantic economic upheaval we've been forced to deal with for the last half decade...

Yeah, that kinda sucked.

But still, Clinton was the original rock-star president, and I prefer to think of him as a larger than life action hero sort of guy.

So some creatively insane wacko came up with this pitch-perfect tribute to Big Dog, my favorite past president! Even arch-conservative Stephen Colbert would be pleased by this.

...and you can even buy prints, too!

(I love the alligator with the nuke button strapped to it!)


lakezoarian said...

I like that he's got a lit doobie in his mouth too.

Connecticut Bob said...

But he didn't inhale!