Friday, June 13, 2014

Here's the thing....

I often wondered about this linguistic crutch that people use to give themselves a moment to think of something clever to say. "Here's the thing" is definitely that.

So, just a moment ago I was pondering that phrase and suddenly I wondered, "Where's the Thing?"

And so, here's the Volkswagon "Thing". A production car I remembered from my childhood that had a brief run in the United States during the second Nixon term. It so clearly was a terrible "thing" that few people bought it.

But, it IS a "thing".

Does anyone else remember the "Thing"?


Anonymous said...

My neighbor had one for many years. So Bob, I notice that you don't follow "Wait, What" does that mean you are supporting Dannel?

vagabondblogger said...

Yep! Come to the Terryville CT Bug-A-Fair August 10th & you'll see plenty more, plus other old VWs, as well. I just might show up with one of my old cars.

CT Bob said...

VBblogger, I may indeed.

Anon, yeah, I'm a somewhat lukewarm supporter of Dan/Dannel (his name depends on where in the election cycle he is). DLC Dan is better than that last gubner, but still not the best we deserve.