Saturday, July 11, 2015

Former Speaker Amann steps down from Milford DTC

Former House Speaker James Amann has recently announced his resignation from the Milford Democratic Town Committee. He was on the DTC for 33 years, and even though he reportedly hasn't attended any meetings since his abortive 2010 run for Governor, he feels that he needs to step down and allow others to lead.

Yes, I'm fully aware of the irony in that last sentence.

Amann currently heads Milford-based International Government Strategies, a lobbying firm described in media as "a governmental affairs consulting firm".

Which is long for "lobbying firm".

I'm speculating that he stepped down because his firm likely "consults" with members of various political parties, and he probably doesn't want to look biased by being a current member of the DTC.

Which is fine with me, more power to him. He's certainly entitled to all the success he can get.

Full disclosure (although why I think it's necessary, I don't know): I've been a mostly non-involved member of the Milford DTC for several years, although I still do proudly display lawn signs for our party's candidates every fall.

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