Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buyer's remorse it is a few minutes before midnight on the night before January Twentieth.

In just over twelve hours we'll have a new president.

Right now, I feel safe and enjoy knowing my rights are being protected.

In just over twelve hours, I'm going to feel a lot differently.

Does anyone with cognitive reasoning abilities have any doubt that Donald Trump will be something of a problem for our nation?

We're likely fucked. In the most unwanted ways possible. But hey, ain't it great how democracy works?

Most Americans who voted for Trump are likely to be victimized by his policies in the coming years. Then we'll see some buyer's remorse!

However, I won't bother with schadenfreude...I'll be equally as fucked as them!

But hey, before he leaves office, I want to thank President Barack Obama for his thoughtful and compassionate leadership of our country in the face of unprecedented obstruction and incivility.

I am thankful that we've had President Obama, and Michelle, and their great kids living in the our nation's most notable mansion for the last eight years. Joyce and I visited their house, and it was wonderful.

Anyway there will be an inauguration tomorrow with a parade. Here's my video of President Obama's parade back in 2009. It was about 30 degrees colder than the weather predicted for Trump's big day.

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