Monday, August 17, 2020

Schools reopening in Connecticut

(NOTE: THE NEW BLOGGER PROGRAM FOR SOME REASON WON'T ACCEPT LINE SPACES, SO UNTIL I CAN FIGURE IT OUT, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ONE GIANT PARAGRAPH ON THIS BLOG!) It looks like Connecticut is on track to open schools on schedule, according to Gov. Lamont's statements. More than half the school districts are planning on in-person classes, while others are using a hybrid of some number of home-schooled virtual classes. I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with this plan. Basically we're using our schools as test labs to see if it's safe to reopen or relax the rules for businesses or any other public gathering place. I would rather see the state open schools with a continuation of at-home schooling for the first month. That way we can compare how other states are dealing with the almost definite increase in new Covid cases that will result. We could have an October 1st opening day, which would still give the kids roughly nine months of in-school classes. And the benefit of learning from the mistakes of other states, if any are made. Judging from the still active nature of this pandemic, we're not going to have it under control until well after the new year at the very earliest. Trump's complete lack of leadership has a trickle-down effect, essentially giving people permission to ignore the common-sense safety rules about mask-wearing and public behavior. It's going to take either a successful vaccine (odds are this is going to take much longer than the optimistic predictions coming from the Executive Branch) or a new president to make a dent in the still skyrocketing new cases that are currently happening. Either way, the blame for the current situation we're in is almost entirely resting on the slumping shoulders of Donald Trump. This gives me no satisfaction, only sadness.

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