Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gerstein discusses Lieberman wife beating on blog


On the Joe2006 blog tonight, millionaire-lawyer non-combatant successful-draft-deferrer Joe Lieberman's campaign director, Dan Gerstein, brought up the topic of wife beating in relation to his discussion of the Senator's possible campaign contributions.

While addressing the questionable validity of a story about GOP fundraising efforts for Lieberman that was posted by their OWN CAMPAIGN STAFF on their OWN BLOG, Gerstein asked if it was possible to prove the Senator doesn't beat his wife.

After several messages questioning Gerstein about the wife-beating topic, the Lieberman spokesman said "Joe Lieberman does not beat his wife."

Keeping in mind the "sunrise-sunset flap" of last week, where Dan Gerstein immediately denied the stock video used in a campaign ad was a sunrise, rather than the sunset it was later confirmed to be, in the interest of safety we may want to have the authorities investigate the Senator's alleged penchant for spousal abuse.

The pertinent comments from the exchange are quoted here:
Let me get this straight. You are asking us to disprove an anonymous, single-sourced story from a magazine of questionable credibility that not one respectable news outlet has even come close to picking up on? What's next, you want us to provide evidence that Joe Lieberman doesn't beat his wife?

Seriously, folks, I am more than happy to answer legitimate questions raised on the blog, and I apologize for not doing more of it yet (been a little busy doing a few other things), but can we please have a little perspective? Thanks.
Dan Gerstein | 09.06.06 - 8:23 pm | #

Joe Lieberman beats his wife?
Mike | 09.06.06 - 8:28 pm | #

Why does Joe beat his wife? Is it because she's a pharmaceutical lobbyist?
BluetooththeGreat | 09.06.06 - 8:31 pm | #

I don't know, blue... I just heard about it from Dan Gerstein himself.
Mike | 09.06.06 - 8:33 pm | #

Now, we have someone who, posting as Dan Gerstein, hopefully it is and not a namestealer, wants to tell us that it is the equivalent of "when did you quit beating your wife"?

If this is as untrue, or "conspiracy theory" as you want us to believe, why even address it at all?

Either it is true, or it is not. To address it in this manner only serves to fuel the fire that Lieberman's campaign is actually hiding a significant amount of support (maybe not financial) from the RNC.
David (Austin Tx) | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 8:39 pm | #

What's next, you want us to provide evidence that Joe Lieberman doesn't beat his wife?

Actually, that would be great.
NTodd, Blogsatz Eliterach | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 8:40 pm | #

Are you really suggesting that if Joe took money from Republicans then he also beats his wife? Because you know it's possible that he took money from Republicans and does not beat his wife. I don't know why this Dan Gerstein is making baseless accusations like that against Joe. Doesn't Joe have enough to worry about in this campaign (his voting record, his flip-flopping, his self-righteous personality) without jerks like Dan Gerstein making false accusations?
winklife | 09.06.06 - 8:48 pm | #

First, Joe Lieberman does NOT beat his wife. Second, I will personally look into whether or not Joe's campaign has taken a significant amount of money from registered Republicans. I don't think so. But I can make sure. How's that for transparency?
Dan Gerstein | 09.06.06 - 8:55 pm | #

First, Joe Lieberman does NOT beat his wife.

I demand proof.
NTodd, Blogsatz Eliterach | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 8:56 pm | #

Joe did not beat his wife to the lobbyist trough. My understanding is that she worked for a PR firm that represented clients with pending legislation before Congress well before Joe is being forcably retired from the Senate so that he can pursue his next career as a defense lobbyist.
JoeBlow | 09.06.06 - 9:00 pm | #

And when did Joe stop beating his wife, anyway?
NTodd, Blogsatz Eliterach | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 9:01 pm | #

As I've said, we will look into whether or not serious Republican contributions have been made to Joe's campaign. I don't think so. It may take a few days (I'm very busy), but we will post our findings on the blog. I promise.
Dan Gerstein | 09.06.06 - 9:10 pm | #

Dan, did you really claim the story to be false despite not knowing for sure whether or not there is any truth to the claim?

wow, DANGERstein strikes again...
steve | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 9:15 pm | #

As I've said, we will look into whether or not serious Republican contributions have been made to Joe's campaign. I don't think so. It may take a few days (I'm very busy), but we will post our findings on the blog. I promise.

We all wait with bated breath.

I also want to know if Joe has accepted any contributions from kitten-eating cyborgs.
NTodd, Blogsatz Eliterach | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 9:16 pm | #

That was not funny. You can disagree with Joe on issues, but it is ludicrous (and imature) to continue in this vein. To keep this up, is to stoop to the level of ridiculousness to which Dan himself has sunk.

Dan brought it up. I was merely picking up the ball and running with it. And I never, ever claimed to be mature. I'm actually here because I heard there would be better snacks than over at Eschaton. I was misinformed.

And for the record, I don't beat my wife (well, she's now my ex, but we're still friends and my claim stands!).
NTodd, Blogsatz Eliterach | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 9:20 pm | #


Anonymous said...

ntodd is mad annoying.

CT Bob said...

Yeah...funny, too.

Anonymous said...

Dis one by LieberLover Darby was my fave:

...and that is why Joe needs to support nuking Iran soon, which appears to be in the works. It would be a disaster and completely irresponsible to pull back before the complete job is done, including Iran and Syria, and thank God Joe has the courage to maintain the correct but politically unpopular course.

Anonymous said...

I see that Gerstein is using one of Ari Fleischer's favorite tricks. Rather than issuing a definitive denial, instead say that the accusations are ridiculous. That way, no one can ever accuse you of flat out lying. All that is on the permanent record is the spokesman (Gerstein)questioning the source of the accusations regarding Republican money - asking for perspective- with no definitive claim that could be proven false. Gerstein uses Fleischer's exact strategy here. But Gerstein is not smart about it, because he should have issued the ambiguous statement that the source of the charges is ridiculous and left it at that. Instead he followed up with a promise to look into it and come back with a definitive answer. Now he is on the hook. Let's keep the heat on him.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Bob, I think we wrote the same post on the same subject at almost the same time. I didn't see yours until just now, but here's mine at Emboldened.

I was stuck on a conference call and would have posted sooner. You win this round my friend...

... oh and by the way, will Gerstein be fired for real this time?

Kurt said...

Now be realistic guys. Joe is an Orthodox Jew. Of course he doesn't beat his wife...

...on the Sabbath.

Anonymous said...

often, such as when viewing a particularly beautiful sunrise (set?), I'm left breathless by the happiness it gives to all. similar to the feelings from reading this post.

these simple, daily events - the sun rises (sets?), dangerstein opens his mouth, removes his toothbrush, and speaks - warm feelings of pleasure wash over the assembled blogosphere.

"Do it again, Dan! Do it again, we likes it," his enraptured fans cry out! No fear, the sun will rise (or do the other thing) again tomorrow, and there WILL be more.

But maybe we'll have to wait a few days, 'cos he's rilly busy.

Grep Agni said...

Paragraph 4 doesn't make sense. Maybe s/denied/insisted/

Sue123 said...

Dan 'Misfiring Water Pistol' aims! He shoots! He scores a direct Cheney!

Anonymous said...

2 things
1) They posted the mere statement that the GOP money story was false, and it was not until AFTER, that Gerstein said he would check to see about GOP donations. what fools.

2) their website was down to one page almost a month, and THAT is all they could come up with? It's skimpy on content and very unreliable, I keep getting 404 messages, or the old one page site.

Any number of us could have built a far superior website in 5 days.

poor, poor performance.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the source code on the page?

Anonymous said...

Is it a consensual beating or do religious hospitals turn her down for a short hike to a non discriminatory hospital. Does Joe take his turn under the whip?