Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A day that will live in freakin' awesomeness!

One year ago today, Ned Lamont defeated a three-term senator on the Democratic ticket. For a day, Lamont HQ was the center of the American political universe.

It was an amazing place to be!

UPDATE! Spazeboy reminded me about the Primary Day coverage on this blog. Kirby and I worked in tandem to frequently update the blog during the entire day, and when websites around the world were getting jammed up from excessive traffic, we somehow managed to stay up. Check out the archives for August 2006, or to see the entire day's reportage in chronological order, visit my Primary Day blog (no comments, but the posts tell the story).

Here's my videos from the day:

CT Keith saved all his signs from the beginning of the push to oust Lieberman, and Tim Tagaris shows off his juggling skills.

A report from Lamont HQ, along with a Matt Browner-Hamlin interview.

Tim Tagaris answered Gerstein's allegations that the Joe website was hacked; taped moments before, the room burst into applause when the segment ended. Check out my busted laptop!

Ah, victory, there is nothing sweeter!

Even though we didn't win in November, the political status quo was changed forever due in large part to Ned Lamont's heroic campaign.

And we'll always admire you for it, Ned!


Beau said...

Don't forget your kick-ass primary night blog, Bob!

Unknown said...

CT Bob et al.,

Thanks so much for your work last year, it but the democracy back into Democratic politics>

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it took six years for Bush to fuck up the entire country; apparently we're not going to fix it completely in one year.

vagabondblogger said...

I was so happy when Lamont won, and then the next day Lieberman threw a wrench into the whole works when he filed his petition as an "independent." I (and my family) read your stuff every day. It was always great reading!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Thanks for the comment on Connecticut Kid4... But here is a little hint for you. :)

CT Bob said...

Whoops! Oh well, they're all cute at that age, no matter what gender! LOL!

Eric T. said...

Bob is my Hero!

Anonymous said...

CT Bob My comment has little to do with these posts and more to do with you. I used your Amann video on my website a bid against him I am building very early support Dr. Orman said you are the man in these parts we need to talk my info is at Contact me because I cant find you, apperently Milford has your name mixed up with a nice Dr. in town that is obviously not you.