Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sen. Lieberman caws again

(from - an antiwar site)

The last dying gasp of the aging warhawk was uttered yesterday, when Sen. Joe Lieberman spoke about possibly using military force to stop the shadowy nuclear weapons program in Iran.

Lieberman's stance is predicated on the supposed "capability" of Iran to develop nuclear weapons, not the actual deployment or use of them. Lieberman is a sponsor of a Senate resolution that urges President Obama to...:
...take action to "prevent the Iranian government from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability."
This is sounding very familiar to President George W. Bush's justification for launching the disastrous 2003 Iraq War, which President Obama has finally gotten us out of as of December. Disappointingly, it appears that Sen. Richard Blumenthal has signed onto the resolution.

It's been nearly two months without a new war to take its place, so Lieberman apparently wants to help the military-industrial complex one more time before he retires. A not-too-tidy (or inexpensive) war against Iran would fit the bill perfectly. And the oil companies would use the event to skyrocket the price of fuel. Everyone wins!

Except us.

The deliberate fuzziness of the word "capability" gives the Senate enough wiggle room to, depending on their political slant at the time, start a war based upon next to no evidence. Just like the "weapons of mass destruction" argument Bush used to launch the war nearly a decade ago.

We must pressure our leaders to keep cooler heads. There will always be perceived threats against our nation, but to act on them unilaterally with no conclusive evidence would be a crime against the principles that our country is based upon.

Deep down, I have to believe as a nation that we're better than that.


power washing ct said...

that's just what I need, Higher gas prices

lakezoarian said...

It was pretty sad to see blumenthal (he now deserves lower case just like joe) getting all huffy on the vid I watched.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it was a bit disappointing. Overall he's been fairly reliable as our senator. I'll allow him the occasional misstep.