Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great moments in CNN history

OK. This is precisely why we need cameras in the Supreme Court. CNN was trying so hard to get the scoop that they completely fucked it up. Oh, and they probably need to fire whatever producer thought this was a good idea.

It took over six minutes for them to begin to get the story right. Some moron was obviously in the courtroom listening to the dense legalese of the decision and naively decided that what he or she was hearing was them striking down the law.

I can only imagine the volume of screaming going on in the control room while they were trying to figure out what really happened! Oy vey!

And, in related news:


vagabondblogger said...

I was watching CNN in Cairo & messaged my husband. He called me & said NPR said otherwise. I switched back to OSN News (which had Kathy & Hoda on at 4PM drinking & giggling). That's where I got the straight story, when they moved over to pretty boy David Gregory. Wolf Blitzer was in such a hurry to be the first to call it, CNN ended up being a laughing stock of the news industry. I didn't check Al Jazeera, since they have their hands full with the revolution going on in Northern Sudan (news to you? Yeah, no massive media coverage on it-yet.) And with the situation in Syria.

CT Bob said...

Syria I'm well aware of, but the current revolution in "NoSu" (I'm guessing that's what the hipsters call it) isn't quite on my radar.

Time to fill up on some AJ unfiltered world news!

vagabondblogger said...

Just check out Twitter #SudanRevolts - that's where most of the news is. We hear about it in Cairo because we have so many Sudanese refugees & just a few days ago a couple of Egyptian reporters were captured, jailed & expelled from the area. So it's very close to us here. The only real news about it was here (Foreign Policy Magazine):
Hopefully the MSM will pick it up too.