Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Rep. Himes on the "Fiscal Cliff"

Stream of Conscience host John Hartwell interviewed Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) about the looming so-called "fiscal cliff" that will occur on Dec. 31st if a deal isn't struck before then.

This video should be required viewing for anyone who creates their views based solely on the brief snippets of information served by network news organizations. The world isn't going to end on New Year's Eve (unless it already ended on that Mayan calendar date) and people need to know that the term "fiscal cliff" is a complete misnomer.

BTW, anyone hear of any "End of the World" parties happening around the 21st? Seems like a good excuse to get crazy and drink exotic boozes from Central America!


oldswede said...

If it's Mayan you're after, some human sacrifice would be expected, too.
Or maybe have some virgins just give it up, for humanity.

CT Bob said...

I know some Virginians I wouldn't mind sacrificing, does that count?