Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Night Music Club XXIX

When it comes to original Americana, I always say one thing:

It's all about the music.

From Wikipedia:
"Wagon Wheel" is the title of a song originally sketched by Bob Dylan and later completed by Old Crow Medicine Show.

The song describes a hitchhiking journey south along the eastern coast of the United States, from New England in the north-east, through Philadelphia, with the intended destination of Raleigh, North Carolina, where the protagonist hopes to see his lover.

"Wagon Wheel" is composed of two different parts. The chorus and melody for the song comes from a demo recorded by Bob Dylan during the Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid sessions. Although never officially released, the Dylan song was released on a bootleg and is usually named after the chorus and its refrain of "Rock Me Mama." Although Dylan left the song an unfinished sketch, Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show wrote verses for the song around Dylan's original chorus. Secor's additional lyrics transformed "Rock Me Mama" into "Wagon Wheel." Secor has stated the song is partially autobiographical. The song has become extremely popular since its inclusion on Old Crow Medicine Show's major label debut, O.C.M.S. in 2004, although the song appeared in earlier form on the now out of print "Troubles Up and Down the Road" EP in 2001. Dylan's song is often credited to "A. Crudup.", and the official publishing information is Dylan/Secor.
In this video the song is covered by a local Pennsylvania band called Willin-N-Able. Watch the video and listen to the subtle musical nuances that this band performs almost effortlessly. It's true audio artistry!

In fact, I enjoyed this video SO much that I probably watched it at least a dozen times!

Yup, it's ALL about the music!

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