Friday, December 13, 2013

How to beat the NSA at their own game

It's really simple. This is just between us, OK?

By using the NSA's super-computers and their huge algorithms that scan phone conversations and emails/texts for certain "buzz words" against them, all people need to do is the following:

Determine a date that would be "Mess with the NSA Day". April 1st would be appropriate, don't you think?

Then, on that day everyone agrees to pepper all of their emails and phone conversations with words like "bombing" "terrorism" "embassy" "airport" "hijack" etc. All day long.

If everyone does this at the same time, the computers at NSA headquarters would be hugely overloaded and probably pop a circuit breaker or two.

We'd all have a huge laugh, I'm sure.

And then, of course, the police would soon kick in my front door and I'd be whisked off to a "readjustment centre" for some kind of "corrective treatment".

Ah...let's just all forget about this.

And remember, we agreed to keep this just between us.

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