Friday, December 19, 2014

North Korea is a bunch of stupid rolled into one shitty little nation

Yeah, that's right North Korea! You guys suck!

I mean, why would you even care if a little movie about your beloved leader getting his head blown off is released? Shit, we have like fifty movies about JFK getting HIS head blown off, and do you see us hacking the fuck out of anybody?

No, you don't!

I guess it must be because you guys are all ... so ... ronery!


Anonymous said...

If NK actually was behind hacking Sony then there is a little something I admire about it. Their leader's values are not traditional American values, sure.

Moving past that, what we have is a story of a cheap, nonviolent method employed to try to achieve a desired outcome--and it worked like a charm. I wish the US would do things like this instead of sending the military all over the place to try to impose our will.

CT Bob said...

I agree. We should probably just hack our way into the hearts and minds of our adversaries. I'm in favor of anything that doesn't cost the lives of our military or those we refer to as "collateral damage".