Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Night Music Club v.40

Amanda Fucking Palmer.

Yes, she's often referred to herself that way.

"Runs In The Family" is a track off her 2008 album, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?", a play on the mystery of the classic TV show "Twin Peaks", where a major plot point was a murder of character Laura Palmer. Also featured on the album is the always awesome Ben Folds.

Runs In The Family addresses the struggle of people with genetic illnesses, whether physical or mental. Although, based on Palmer's frenetic performance, I'd guess she was focusing more on mental illness.

Amanda Palmer also happens to be married to famed author Neil Gaiman (...and when are they going to finally make a movie out of "American Gods?"). And she wrote a book called "The Art of Asking", which I recently read and highly recommend, and that led me to watch her memorable TED talk that spawned the book. Very much worth a viewing.

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