Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Blumenthal to announce decision on Iran deal today

10:30 AM; in 30 minutes Sen. Richard Blumenthal will announce his support or opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Who cares?

The Democrats already have the votes to prevent a challenge. His vote essentially means nothing.

I hope he sides against it.

At least that way, he won't look like a bandwagon jumper, who safely decided to vote AFTER the deal was settled.

UPDATE to follow.

11:10 AM; he decided to support it. When I clicked on his link to the press release to explain his reasoning, it came up to a blank page. His website has a sense of irony.

The thing is, he could have supported it weeks ago when it would have done some good. By waiting until there were enough Senate votes to prevent an override, his support means almost nothing. If they get a few more votes, they can prevent the need for a veto, but regardless, a vote of support earlier would have carried much more weight. Slightly disappointing.

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