Sunday, August 14, 2016

I wasn't there, but CT News Junkie was

Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie was at the Trump rally in Fairfield last night. Here's what she said:

Unlike Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s first rallies in Connecticut in April, Saturday’s event at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield included remarks from the Republican establishment.

While Republican officials were still trying to figure out what to make of Trump in April — they had pretty much made up their mind by August.

All of Connecticut’s 28 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland at the end of July supported Trump. Those who didn’t stayed home and didn’t attend the convention.

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano, R-North Haven, was one who stayed away from the convention and has declined to support Trump.

“I have not endorsed Trump, nor do I see myself endorsing him at this time,” Fasano has said. “However, I do respect the democratic process and the fact that the people of our country chose him to be their nominee.”

To read the rest of the article and see more photos, click HERE.


Bob Symmes said...

Let no one kid themselves: this bozo is well on this way to wreak serious, if not mortal, harm to the GOP. And US History teaches us that we need a serious opposition: a GOP with real proposals and programs that we might deplore from our side, but which provide the electorate with a choice.

(I should add that in this century the republican mantra has been to simply declare what they are against, while not explaining what they are for.)

When the Whigs disintegrated, the Democrats had no credible opposition, and elected mediocracies (Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan) who hurtled us into the Civil War.

CT Bob said...

I agree completely. Our government is based solely on a two-party system, and having an authentic opposition party is crucial. If the GOP totally shits the bed, we're likely to see the rise of a third-party (I don't even want to speculate) and the possibility of having to make Parliment-style concessions and alliances that our Constitution doesn't have room for.

We have to face it, we're a two-party nation. We just need to decide what the oppo party will BE!

Bob Symmes said...

An interesting story about the end of the Whig party (which has frighteningly striking similarities to the current situation):