Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So, is Trump going to last until Election Day?

I'm having a hard time trying to figure this out.

Is Donald Trump a crazed psychopath like everyone seems to be trying to paint him as? Or is he just an over-indulged multi-millionaire whose ego has been repeatedly inflated by some questionable success and a stint as a TV reality star?

Or is there something more sinister afoot? (I'm pretty sure I've never used the word "afoot" before, but it unquestionably deserves its day in the sun!)

Is the GOP plotting something along the lines of having Trump spectacularly flame out maybe two months before the general election, and substitute a candidate who might appeal to most of the Trump supporters and many of the more centrist Hillary voters who might not actually "support" her?

What happens if Trump pulls a "Ross Perot" on Labor Day? Many of us older folk remember how Ross Perot, the bizarre little plain-tawkin' businessman from Texas was making a huge impact in 1992 as a third party candidate, before he let his rich man paranoia get the better of him and cause him to withdraw around mid-July while enjoying a 39% approval rating in the polls.

Only to have him suddenly decide to re-enter the race after qualifying for being on the ballot of all fifty states in September and he was officially back in the race on October 1st.

Too little, too late, too crazy. He squandered his chance to make a huge impact in history by being a rich dick with no experience at having anyone tell him anything he didn't want to hear.

I doubt he would have made a good president, much like I doubt another super-wealthy candidate would be.

Anyway, getting back to my point, there are major differences between Perot and Trump. If Trump decides the noise is too much and calls it quits, he's probably done. But in 1992 the Republicans had their own candidate, and he appeared on all the ballots in all fifty states. If Trump splits, the GOP probably won't have time to get whoever they choose to be on all the ballots.

So, if Trump crashes, we'll have a candidate who basically will run unopposed.

I suspect Trumps ego is much too fragile to allow him to take a loss on Election Day. He'll more likely quit while loudly accusing the "establishment" for being against him from the beginning.

And he'll have a reality show on Fox within six months of Hillary Clinton's presidency.

Probably something that aggrandizes him, without calling on his failed campaign.

Maybe "Celebrity Failure".

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