Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ned and Mary?

The Connecticut blogosphere is all a-Twitter today with reports that Ned Lamont may announce Mary Glassman as his choice for Lieutenant Governor (hey, this is the very first time I ever typed the word "lieutenant" without my automatic spell checker gettin' all red-underliney on my ass! Hurray for me!)

Lamont's campaign sent out a press release today telling us that he will make a "Major Campaign Announcement" on Monday.

Glassman, who's the First Selectwoman from Simsbury, previously ran for Lt. Gov. (I cheated this time; what are the odds that I would have spelled it right twice in a row?) in 2006 as the "running mate" of Dan Malloy. I say that, because during a primary, the position of Lt. Gov. has it's own ballot line, enabling Connecticut voters to choose not only their gubernatorial candidate, but also the one they want for Lt. Gov.

Which can lead to the interesting result, which happened in 2006, when John DeStefano won the primary, but Malloy's running mate Mary Glassman defeated DeStefano's, giving her the nod even though she wasn't running with John before the primary.

Glassman's popularity in the Nutmeg state isn't an issue. Out of the four Democrats on the Gov/Lt. Gov. lines, Mary Glassman received the most votes. Sadly, Governor Rell hadn't done enough by then to give the voters much reason to toss her out, and she won handily.

This year I guess Jodi smelled the writing on the wall, and didn't want to be involved in a bruising contest with Democrats who are determined to get someone in her seat who will actually work with the Democrats to pass useful legislation.

Anyway, here's the details on Ned's major announcement. I won't be there as I need to finish sanding my boat before launch day comes around again (hint: soon!):
On Monday, May 3rd at 10:15 A.M., Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont will hold a press conference at Trinity-on-Main in New Britain to make a major campaign announcement.

Who: Ned Lamont
What: Major campaign announcement
When: Monday, May 3rd, 10:15 A.M.
Where: Trinity-On-Main
69 Main Street
New Britain, CT

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