Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tom Foley explains the difference

Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley explained the difference between Republicans and Democrats to senate candidate Rob Simmons after the conclusion of today's VJ Day Parade in Moosup.

For the record, Ned Lamont has been traveling around the state in a small sport utility vehicle. No bus or RV needed!

Perhaps Mr. Foley can also explain why Karma is so amazing, because right after laughing at the fact Democrats don't share his spending habits, his bus broke the fuck down!

Apparently Tom Foley possesses Chuck Norris's capacity for awesomeness, because we're supposed to believe he actually fixed it and got it back on the road, according to this tweet!


Anonymous said...

That guy sure has a way with motor vehicles - but usually when they're moving.

Kirby said...

Just another version of "mine is bigger than yours"

A loyal Tom Foley Supporter said...

A point of clarification. One the bus didn't break down, and two Tom new exactly what the problem was and he did fix it. Don't be goin around bashing my candidate. He'll sure take on Ned and his cult come November. It won't matter if Malloy cleans things up anyway. Good luck.